Huawei for Sale

Huawei for Sale
03030117 CB01ALM0, Alarm Board
03030814 CB02NETA0, Switch NetWork Board
03030240 C821CTN0,32 Module Central Switching Network Board
03021124 CB01CKV, Switch Clock Driving Board
03030298 C805DTM0,E1 Digital Trunk Board (DS2154)
03030183 CC03EMA0,Emergency Action Board
03020380 C813FBC,Near Distance Fiber Backplane ,1X2 Assembled Board
03030517 C814FBI0,16/32 Module Fiber Communication Board
03031424 4-Link No.7 Signaling Processing Board
03030678 C822MCC0,32 Module Communication and Control Board
03038272 CQ03MEM0,Network Communication Interface Board
03035862 CB05MPU0,Main control Board,For 32-M switch
03030307 CC02NOD1,Master Node Board
03030551 C805OPT0,Exchange Module Fiber Communication Board
03031542 CB02SIG0,Signal Tone Board,128-Channel Dynamic Voice
03030227 C821SNT0,32 Module Signaling Switching Network Board
03050151 SoftX3000,SF31WALU0,Alarm Unit
02312525 SGSN9810,KW3M3UPWR,PSM Subrack Power Module
03050602 MSOFTX3000,SF32WCSU0,Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit
03050932 MSOFTX3000,SF32WEPI0,E1_Pool Interface Unit
03050148 SoftX3000,SF31WSIU0,System Interface Unit
03050599 MSOFTX3000,SF32WSMU0,System Management Unit
03050145 SoftX3000,.SF31WHSC0,Hot-Swap And Control Unit
03050933 Clock Interface Unit
02311502 AM/CM Background Administration Module (R003)-OEM Without MO
02312050 LAN Switch
02120068 M900/M1800BTS312,GMAE1BFBX,1-Fan Fan Box(EBM)
02120279 BTS3012A,GMOE1DBX4,DC Power Distribution Box,Auxiliary
Equipment Frame(VER.A)
02120280 BTS3012A,GMOE1DBX5,DC Power Distribution Box,Main Equipment
02120281 BTS3012A,GMOE1DBX6,AC Power Distribution Box(VER.A)
02120282 Fan Tray Assembly/Power Distribution
Box,BTS3012A,GMSE1FBX1,Fan Tray Assembly,(VER.A)
02120305 BTS3012A,GMOE1SFBX,4-Small-Fan Fan Box,(VER.A)
02130376 AC/DC Converter,220VAC,24V/30A
02270019 DC/DC Power System,535W,-10degC~60degC,20~30V,53.5V/10A,53.5V/0A
02310822 Function Module,AC/DC PMU,For GSM BTS Power Supply
02312580 M900 BTS30/312,GM5M5TRX,Transceiver Module
02313034 M1800 BTS30/312,GMKM5TRX,1800M Edge Transceiver Unit
02313425 BTS3012A,GM5M1EMUA2416,24VDC 16 Port EMUA Environment
Monitoring Module
03022715 Manufactured Board,M900BTS,GM41FANB,FAN interface
Backplane,2*5 Assembled Board
03023091 Manufactured Board,M900/1800BTS312,GMA1TRB,12 TRXs’ Backplane
03023150 Manufactured Board,W1262Z,W1262*1,GSM BTS Power Backplane
03025279 M900/M1800BTS30,GMK1ATE,AntiThunder Board for E1 Signal
03025776 Manufactured Board,BTS3012A,GMO1TCU,Temperature Control Unit
03028811 BTS3012A,GMO2TCB,Transmission/Temprature Control Backboard
03032129 Finished Board,M900/M1800BTS30,GMK2TMU0,Timing/Transmission &
Management Unit
04011564 Internal Cable Set,M900/M1800,BTS312 S(1)EDU Configure RF
Internal Cable Set
04040021 Single Cable,RF
04200029 Single Cable,Water Sensor Cable,1.40m,Sensor 33010089,H4(3.96),BTS30A
27140025 Combiner/Divider,M900,EDUA3.0,Rx890~915MHz/Tx935~960MHz,25MHz,2-Carrier,Without
Combined Channel(Dual Duplexer),1-Into-2,+26V
27140034 Combiner/Divider,M1800,CDUA3.0,Tx:1805~1880MHz/Rx:1710~1785Mz,75MH,2
in 1-1 to 4(+4),26V
29040744 Set Of Labels,BTS3X RF Configuration Cable Set Labels,6
Columns And 14 Rows,Height 24 And Width 65,84 Labels In
29040745 Set of Labels,BTS312 RF Configuration Cable Set,6 Columns And
14 Rows,Height 24 And Width 65,84 Labels In
33010287 Temperature And Humidity
Sensor,16~24VDC,-40~60degC,+/-0.3degC,4~20mA,Chinese Documents
33010293 Smoke Sensor,24V,Two Line, photoelectric Smoke Sensor,
Ceiling Fixed,Chinese information,Terminal Dedicated
03031482 M900MSC,GM11GCTN0,Central Switching Network Board
03031475 M900MSC,GM11GNET0,Network Board (Single Slot Handle Bar)
03021124 ,CB01CKV, Switch Clock Driving Board
03031481 M900MSC,GM11GSNT0,Signaling Switching Network Board
03031483 M900MSC,GM11GFBI0,AM/CM Optical Fiber Interface Board
03032711 M900MSC,GM12GMEM0,Database Interface Board
03036028 Finished Board,C9000L,GMM1GCKS0,Clock Board
03031480 M900MSC,GM11GMCC0,Communication Control Board
03031370 M900BSC,GM31E3M0,E1 Interface Board
03031473 M900MSC,GM11GNOD0,Master Node Processing Board
03031472 Finished Board,M900MSC,GM11GEMA0,Emergency Action Board
(Active/Standby Changeover)
03030AQK Finished Board,M900/M1800 BSC,GM14GMPU0,Main Processing Unit
03031424 ,CB03LAPA0,4-Link No.7 Signaling Processing Board
03031843 M900BSC,GM32GLAP0,LAPD Protocol Processing Board
03031478 M900MSC,GM11GMC20,Dual-Link Module Communication Board
03031479 M900MSC,GM11G0PT0,Switch Module Fiber Communication Board
03031474 M900MSC,GM11GALM0,Alarm Board
03031373 Finished Board,M900/M1800 BSC,GM11MSM0,Sub-Multiplexing Board
03035535 Finished Board,M900/M1800BSC,GM14FTC0,Transcoder
03035304 M900/M1800BSC,GM34BIE0,Base Station Interface Board
03020230 C08A,CC03PWC,Secondary Power Board,5V/20A
03031485 M900MSC,GM11GPWS0,Secondary Power Board
03021904 C&C08C,C842DRCA,E16 Back Drive Board,75ohm Coaxial Cable
02120052 CB0E3FAN1, Switch Assembled Rack Power Distribution Box
03032516 Finished Board,M900/M1800PCU,GP21POMU0,Operation Maintenance
Main Control Unit
03033098 Finished Board,M900/M1800PCU,GP22RPPU1,33B Mobile Packet
Processing Unit
03023878 Manufactured Board,M900/M1800GSN,GP11HSC0,Hot Swap Control Unit
03023883 Manufactured Board,M900/1800GPRS,GP11E1TM,E1 Transmission Module
02120173 Fan Module,SSXE1FAN,Cabinet Fan Box
03036340 Finished Board,OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1CTPR01,Tributary
Protection Switching Receive Board
03036347 Finished Board,OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1CTPT01,Tributary
Protection Switching Transmit Board
03036204 Finished Board,OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2SLO101,8xSTM-1 Optical
Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
45030016 Optical Tunable
Attenuator,Manual(Single),1300~1610nm,2~30dB,2.0dB,40dB,2mm*2.5m LC/PC
03033133 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ABA202,Booster Amplifier Board(14dBm,SC)
03033145 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ABPA01,Booster Amplifier&Pre-amplifier
03032879 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ACOM01,Communication Board
03032790 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1AEOW01,Orderwire Board
03036508 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1AMXS01,Mixed Cross-connect&Timing
Board(120G+5G Cross-connect Capacity)
03036255 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1APQ101,63xE1 Interface Process Board
03032798 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ASCC01,System Control Board
03032823 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ATPR01,Protection Switching Receive Board
03032825 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ATPT01,Protection Switching Transmit Board
03036294 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1E75S01,63*75ohm E1 Interface Board
03037836 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1EFS401,4-Port Fast Ethernet Switching
Processing Board(Multi Mode(2Km),LC)
03030AQC OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1EGT201,2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Transport
Process board(1000Base-SX-I-850,SC)
03037133 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1ETF8,8-Port Twisted-Pairs 10/100M Fast
Ethernet Interface Board
03033202 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1FE0801,8-port Ethernet Interface Board(Ie-1,MTRJ)
03032833 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1GE0201,Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interface
03035757 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1SD16A01,2xSTM-16 Optical Interface
03034293 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA1SLQ4A01,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03034051 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2APIU,Power & Fan Interface Board
03038963 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2EGS202,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
Processing Board(1000Base-SX-I-850,SC)
03034020 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2EU0801,8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board,75ohm
03037861 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2SL16A01,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,SC)
03034380 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA2SP0801,8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03039270 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6410,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(I-64.2,SC)
03039262 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6411,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,SC)
03039325 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6414,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(V64.2b,SC)
03039269 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSA4SL6415,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(L-64.2b,SC)
02120198 OptiX 10G(V2.0),SSAE2FAN,Rack Fan Box
03031322 OptiX 155/622H,,SS42PD2TI01,48xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03031649 OptiX 155/622H,SS42OI2S01,STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03031683 OptiX 155/622H,SS42PD2DI01,32xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03032364 OptiX 155/622H,SS42PL3ET01,3xE3 Electrical Interface Board(PE3T)
03034316 OptiX 155/622H,SS42SLE01,1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03032440 OptiX 155/622H,SS42SP2A01,16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03032262 OptiX 155/622H,SS43SCB01,System Control&Communication Board
03035749 OptiX 2500+, SS03PMU01, Power and Environment Monitoring Unit
03032172 OptiX 2500+,SS61COA01,Case Shape Booster Amplifier Board(14dBm,SC)
03023224 OptiX 2500+,SS61E75S,63xE1 Switching Access Board(75ohm)
03031836 OptiX 2500+,SS61EIPC01,Electrical Interface Protection Control Board
03023183 OptiX 2500+,SS61LPDR,4xSTM-1 Switching Driver Board
03031661 OptiX 2500+,SS61PQ1A01,63xE1 Electrical Interface Board(75ohm)
03030984 OptiX 2500+,SS61SCC0,System Control,Communication&Orderwire Board
03031612 OptiX 2500+,SS61SD1A02,2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03031675 OptiX 2500+,SS61SD4A01,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03031676 OptiX 2500+,SS61SD4A01,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03031317 OptiX 2500+,SS61SQ1A02,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03023522 OptiX 2500+,SS62C34SA,3xE3/T3 Switching Access Board
03023279 OptiX 2500+,SS62FB1,Backplane 2M Interface Connection Card 1
03023515 OptiX 2500+,SS62FB2,Inner Connection Board(Type II)
03023873 OptiX 2500+,SS62LPSW,4xSTM-1 Switching Access Board,1×1
Assembled Board
03032147 OptiX 2500+,SS62PL3A01,3xE3 Electrical Interface Board
03032350 OptiX 2500+,SS62PQ1A01,24mm Grey,63xE1 Electrical Interface
03032241 OptiX 2500+,SS62SCC01,System Control,Communication&Orderwire Board
03032362 OptiX 2500+,SS62SQE01,4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03039534 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16A02, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1, SC)
03039530 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16A03, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,SC)
03035165 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B01, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2, SC)
03039531 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B02, STM-16 Optical Interface Board(Le-16.2,SC)
03039532 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B03,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(V-16,SC)
03039533 OptiX 2500+,SS63S16B04,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16,SC)
03036944 OptiX 2500+,SS63SL4A01,STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
03036956 OptiX 2500+,SS63SQ1A02,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
03035461 OptiX 2500+,SS64XCS01,Cross-connect and Timing Board
03032243 OptiX 2500+-SS61SV4A01,STM-4 Concatenation Optical Interface
03031242 OptiX 2500+-SS62S1601,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,SC)
02311579 OptiX BWS 1600G, SSEM1TRC, C BAND STM-16 FEC Function
Regeneration Transmit-receive Line Wavelength Conversion Configuration
03034681 OptiX BWS 1600G,SSE1FIU03,Fiber Interface Board (C Band)
03036195 OptiX BWS 320G,SS72VOA01,Variable Optical Attenuator Board
02311994 OptiX DWDM, SSEM2MR201, C-BAND Extended 2-Channel Optical
Add/Drop Module Board
03035350 OptiX DWDM,SSE1D4002,40-channel Demultiplexing
Unit(C_EVEN,Thermal AWG,LC)
03035347 OptiX DWDM,SSE1M4002,40-channel Multiplexing
Unit(C_EVEN,Thermal AWG,LC)
03037106 OptiX DWDM,SSE1SCC02,System Control&Communication Board
03036759 OptiX DWDM,SSE2D3201,32-channel Demultiplex Board,heater
03036758 OptiX DWDM,SSE2M3201,32-channel Multiplex Board,heater
03037636 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1FEOW01,Engineering Order Wire
03036486 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1FSCC01,System Control & Communication Board
03035462 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1OSB101,STM-1 Optical Interface Subboard (Ie-1,SC)
03035598 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1OSB401,STM-4 Optical Interface Subboard(Ie-4,SC)
03037105 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1PL1DA01,16xE1 Electrical Interface Board
with Tributary Protection Switching(75ohm),75ohm
03037565 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1SLE,1xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Unit
03035812 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1STIA01,2-port Synchronous Timing
Interface Board(75ohm),For I Type Chassis
03036400 OptiX Metro 1050,SSM1XCS402,Cross-connect&Timing Board,STM-4
Optical Interface Subboard(S-4.1,SC)
03034021 OptiX Metro 1100,SSF1FPIUA01,Power Interface Board(-48V)
03034022 OptiX Metro 1100,SSF1SPIUA01,Slave Power Interface Board(-48V)
03024594 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1D34S,6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching Board
03024767 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1SEQ1,4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface Board
03024526 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1TSB3,6*E3/T3 Switching&Bridging Board
03033387 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB1XCS01,System Sync Timing & Cross-Connect
Board,32mm Grey
03034033 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB2PMCU01,Power Monitor and Auxiliary
Communication Board
03034672 OptiX Metro 3100,SSB2PQ301,12xE3/T3 Electrical Interface Board
03038471 OptiX Metro 6100,SSC6OBU01,WDM Optical Booster Amplifier
Board (-22dBm/+1dBm,23dB Gain),40 Wavelengths
03038468 OptiX Metro 6100,SSC6OPU01,WDM Pre-amplifier Board
(-22dBm/-2dBm,20dB Gain,without GFF)
03033564 OptiX Metro3100,SSB1SP801,8*STM-1 Line Processing Board
02312546 OptiX Metro6040,SSLM2LWF,STM-64 Transmit-receive Line
Wavelength Conversion Board(FEC)
02312918 OptiX Metro6100,SSCM6LWM,Multiple Rate(STM16/4/1)Optical
Wavelength Conversion Configuration Board(DCC Support),DWDM
03037556 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
03037557 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1EOW01,Engineering Order Wire Board
03026772 OptiX OSN 1500,SSR1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×2 Assembled Board
02120244 OptiX OSN 1500,SSRE1FAN,Fan Box
03027179 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×2 Assembled Board
03037489 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ1SAP01,System Auxiliary Process Board
03030AMX OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL1602,STM-16 System
Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03030AMY OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL1603,STM-16 System
Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,LC)
03050980 OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL411,STM-4 System
Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC)
03037098 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1AUX01,System Auxiliary Interface Board
03027581 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1C34S,3xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching
Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03026734 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1D34S,6xE3/T3 PDH Interface Switching
Board,1×1 Assemble Board
03026727 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1D75S,32xE1/T1 Electrical Interface
Switching Board(75 Ohm),1×1 Assemble Board
03037134 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFS401,4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet
Processing Board with LAN Switch
03037691 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFT801,16-Port 10M/100M Ethernet
Electrical Interface Processing Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03030EAF OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EFT8A01,8-Port 10M/100M Ethernet
Transparent Transmission Processing Board
03037033 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EGS201,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
Processing Board
03030BWS OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EMS401,4-port Gigabit Ethernet /Fast
Ethernet Switching Processing Board
03027509 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EU04,4xSTM-1 Electrical Interface
Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03026740 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EU08,8xSTM-1 Electrical Interface
Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03036440 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1EXCSA01,Enhanced Cross-connect and
Synchronous Timing Board(Without Extension Host)
03037064 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1GSCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03026741 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1OU08,8xSTM-1 Optical Access
Board(LC,S-1.1),1×1 Assembled Board
03037345 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PD301,6xE3/DS3 Service Processing Board
03026564 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PIU,Power Interface Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03037127 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PL301,3xE3/T3 Service Processing Board
03037316 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1PQ1A01,63xE1 Service Processing Board(75ohm)
03036466 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03037391 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SEP101,8xSTM-1 Signal Process Board
03050614 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL110,STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03037372 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL16A01,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(I-16,LC)
03037374 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL16A02,STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03050634 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL410,STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03030BDK OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SL6405,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(L-64.2b,LC)
03050646 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLD410,2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03050626 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ110,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03037390 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ401,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board
03050654 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1SLQ410,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03027527 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1TSB4,4-Channel Switching&Bridging
Board,1×1 Assembled Board
03026756 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1TSB8,8-Channel Switching&Bridging
Board,1×1 Assemble Board
03038342 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1UXCSB01,Ultra Cross-connect and
Synchronous Timing Board(With Extension Host)
03038343 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN1XCE01,Extention Subrack Cross-connect Board
03036884 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EFS001,10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing
Board with LAN Switch
03039014 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EGS201,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
Processing Board
03050839 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2EGS210,2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching
Processing Board(1000BASE-SX,850-LC)
03039264 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SL6412,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
03050630 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLQ110,4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)
03030DFT OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLQ1604,4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2,LC)
03050658 OptiX OSN 3500,SSN2SLQ410,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC)
03030CEP OptiX OSN 3500,SSN3GSCC01,System Control and Communication Board
03028246 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1AUX,System Auxiliary Interface Board,1×1
Assembled Board
03028245 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1EOW,Engineering Order Wire Board,2*1
Assembled Board
03035554 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1EXCSA01,Enhanced Cross-connect and
Synchronous Timing Board
03028193 OptiX OSN 7500,SST1PIU,Power Interface Board,1*2 Assembled Board
03030DJX OptiX OSN 7500,SST1SXCSA01,Super Cross-Connect and
Synchronous Timing Board
03030CUN OptiX OSN 7500,SST2SL6402,STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
03035223 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1EMPU01,Electromechanical Information
Processing Board
03050820 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1GE0605,6-port Gigabit Ethernet Process
03034814 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1GXCHA01,General High Order Cross-connect Board(A)
03035597 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JCOM01,System Communication Board
03037251 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JD16A03,2xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03035191 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JEOW01,Orderwire Board
03037464 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JL16A02,1xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03037016 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JL64A02,STM-64 Optical Interface
03050780 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JLH112,16xSTM-1 Optical Interface
Board(S-1.1 LC/PC)
03037624 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JLHE01,16xSTM-1 Electric Interface Board
03050784 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JLQ411,4xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1 LC/PC)
03035539 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JPBU01,Key Power Backup Board
03038200 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JPIU02,Power Interface Board,without Breaker
03036721 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JQ16A02,4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC)
03034757 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JSTG01,Synchronous Timing Generation Board
03025970 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ1JSTI,Synchronous Timing Interface
Board,1*1 Assembled Board
03035551 OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ2EGT601,6-port Gigabit Ethernet Process Board(LC)
03030BMG OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ3EXCH01,Enhanced High Order Cross-connect Board
03030AYD OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ3JSCC01,System Control & Communication Board
03030DFL OptiX OSN 9500,SSJ4D64D02,2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC)
02312899 OptiX WDM, SSEM2TRC1, C BAND STM-16 FEC Function Regeneration
Transmit-receive Line Wavelength Conversion Configuration Board
03036811 OptiX WDM,SSE1DSE01,C Band Dispersion Slope Equalization Unit
03033977 OptiX WDM,SSE1RPC01,C Band Backward Raman Processing (Driving) Board
03034010 OptiX WDM,SSE1SC101, Unidirectional Optical Supervisory
Channel Unit, 1510nm, NORTEL Laser
03038895 OptiX WDM,SSE1SC107,Unidirectional Optical Supervisory
Channel Unit (1510nm)
03038879 OptiX WDM,SSE1SC207,Bidirectional Optical Supervisory Channel
Unit (1510nm/1510nm)
03033991 OptiX WDM,SSE1SCC01,System Control & Communication Board
03034134 OptiX WDM,SSE1SCE01,System Control & Communication Board for
Extended Subrack
03039980 OptiX WDM,SSE3OAUC01C ,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX 0dBm
IN and 20dBm OUT
03030DAM OptiX WDM,SSE3OAUC03E,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX -4dBm
IN and 20dBm OUT,Gain (24~36)dB
03039985 OptiX WDM,SSE3OAUC05A,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX 0dBm
IN and 23dBm OUT
03039979 OptiX WDM,SSE3OBUC03C,C-BAND Optical Amplifier Unit,MAX 0dBm
IN and 20dBm OUT
03039984 OptiX WDM,SSE3OBUC05A,C-BAND Optical Booster Unit(23dB Gain,23dBm OUT)
03039978 OptiX WDM,SSE3OPUC03C,C-BAND Optical Pre-Amplifier Unit(23dB
Gain,15dBm OUT)
02313408 Distributed Base Station Radio Remote Unit(-48V,DHT 40W,1.25G,2100M)
02314819 Distributed Base Station Base Band Unit(-48V,Without GPS)
04046800 Trunk Cable,-45deg,5m,75ohm,2.2mm,D44M-I,2*SYFVZP75-1.2/0.25*8(S)
04047463 Single Cable,Straight Through
Cable,5m,MP8-IV,CC4P0.5PB(S),MP8-IV,Outdoor Cable
34060286 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced SFP,850nm,2.125G Series
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
02120370 Base Station Controller 9 Fan Box
03051116 General Clock Unit REV:a
03051117 GE Switching and Control Unit REV:a
03051816 Data Processing Unit REV:b
03051485 2-port ATM over channelized Optical STM-1/OC-3 Interface Unit REV:a
03051492 4-port ATM/Packet over unchannlized Optical STM-1/OC-3c
Interface Board REV:a
03051493 2-port packet over Optical GE ethernet Interface REV:a
03051569 Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:a
03051730 PARC,WP11SPUa,Signnaling Processing Unit REV:a
34060276 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced
03051488 2-port GE ethernet Interface Unit REV:a
03051481 Data Processing Unit REV:b
02130608 BTS3012AE PSU Module(AC/DC)
02315174 Double Transceiver Unit 1800M
02315179 Dual Duplexer Unit 1800M
02120407 BTS Fan Box
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
02313069 Power System Monitor Module
02314148 High-Power Combining Module 1800M
02314286 M1800,Double transceivers Digital and Radio frequency Module
02314288 DC SPD and EMI Module
02314688 M1800 Dual Duplexer Module,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz
02314691 Main Control Module for DDRM BTS(without SDH Module)
02315076 Double Transceiver Unit 900M
02315118 Dual Duplexer Unit PGSM
03051118 PARC WP11TNUa TDM switching Network Unit REV:a
03051119 PARC WP11XPUa Extensible Processing Unit REV:a
03051122 PARC WP11OIUa 1-port channelized Optical Interface Unit REV:a
03051551 PARC WP11OMUb Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:b
03051814 PARC WP13DPUd Data Processing Unit REV:d
03020BCR E1 Signal lightning-protection card for DTRU BTS
03030BMY Transmission&Timing& Management Unit for DTRU BTS
02314551 32 Port EMUA Environment Monitoring Module(-48VDC)
34060299 Optical Transceiver,Enhanced
02312525 SGSN9810,KW3M3UPWR,PSM Subrack Power Module
03033275 HONET,H511CKMB0,SDH & TDM Clock Pinch Board
03037088 UMG8900,UG01SHPU0,Signaling High level link Processing Unit
03039535 UMG8900,UG01MECF0,Echo Canceller Pinch Card(1K Channels 64ms)
03050380 UMG8900,UG01MMPU0,Media gateway Main Processing Unit
03050403 UMG8900,UG01ME8T0,Media Gateway 8-port 10/100M Ethernet
03050504 SoftX3000,SF32MSGI0,Multimedia Signaling Gateway
03050511 UMG8900,UG01MCMF0,Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit
03050518 SoftX3000,SF32IFMI0,IP Forward Module
03050522 SoftX3000,SF32SMUI0,System Management Unit
03050524 SoftX3000,SF32SIUI0,System Interface Unit
03050525 SoftX3000,SF32ALUI0,Alarm Unit
03050527 SoftX3000,SF32HSCI0,Hot-Swap And Control Unit
03050528 SoftX3000,SF32BFII0,Back Insert FE Interface Unit
03050529 SoftX3000,SF32FCCU0,Call Control Unit
03050531 SoftX3000,SF32BSGI0,Broadband Signaling Gateway
03050532 SoftX3000,SF32CDBI0,Central Data Base Unit
03050533 SoftX3000,SF32MRCA0,Media Resource Control Unit(A Type)
03050534 SoftX3000,SF32MRIA0,Fixed Network Media Resource Interface
03050537 UMG8900,UG02ME320,Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board(b)
03050546 UMG8900,UG02MBLU0,Media gateway Back Link Unit(b)
03050548 UMG8900,UG02MFLU0,Media gateway Front Link Unit(b)
03050549 UMG8900,UG01MOMB0,Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B
03050727 MRS6100,MS02SMUI0,System Management Unit
02310UUG WD5M85393600 RRU3936
03050728 Huawei SSEM1LWFS01
Huawei for Sale

Huawei for sale

Huawei for sale
CHASSIS, 02353474, AR2240 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR2240 CHASSIS, 02353523,AR1220-S BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR1220-S CHAS2353524,AR0M12WSBA00 AR1220W-S BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR1220W-S CH2353527,AR1220W BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR1220 CHASSIS802,11B,G,N2353528,AR1220VW2353540,AR0M0022BD00 AR2220 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR2220 CHASSIS,2353543, AR0M0036SA00 AR3260 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR3260 CHASSIS,02353544,AR0M0036BD00 AR3260 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR3260 CHASSIS,2353545, AR0M0036SD00 AR3260 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR3260 CHASSIS, 02353546, AR0M0024ED00 AR2240 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR2240 CHASSIS, 02353547, WAN,2 USB INTERFACES,4 SIC SLOTS,22353628,S3700-26C-HI MAINFRAME,22 10,100BASE-T, 2 COMBO GE,10,100,10002353630,S5700-28C-HI MAINFRAME,24 10,100,1000BASE-T, CHASSIS, DUAL SLOT2353631,S5700-28C-HI-24S MAINFRAME,24 100, 1000BASE-X, CHASSIS, DUAL SLO2353839, AR201 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR201 CHASSIS BASIC SOFTW2353841,AR207 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR207 CHASSIS BASIC SOFT2353842,AR207V BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR207V CHASSIS BASIC SOF2353843,AR207V-P2353847, 23538472353848, AR157 BASIC CONFIGURATION, AR157 CHASSIS BAS2354074, 23540742355979, TASTATUR2,35E+06, AR2220236451000921, 237396700499, 238779,OL16 L16-2U238831054000329, GP11E1TM,238831054000427, GP11E1TM,23S1232CNH,OPTIX RTN 600 23G-HP ODU 23S1232CNS,ODU,23 GHZ DEPICT 21799-22093MHZ, 1232MHZ, LO23S1232CPH,OPTIX RTN 600 23G-HP ODU2400020, OBA142400349,CABINET,POWER DISTRIBUTION CABINET,241114,109, 241114,109241196,OL1,4 S1,1242098,OL4,2 S4,12440005, 244000524400052,PMU,POWER MONITOR,2450662, PORT GIGABIT OPTI,S3 24 PORT GIGABIT OPTICAL INTERFACE BOARD,S8505 SWITC25030298,TWISTED-PAIR CABLE,100OHM 75M2509, 025092510, 025102520, 2520252235600700, 2541, 25412568520, 21024400,GM-Huawei PMU POWER MANAGEMENT,M324U1S R5,26336104, GP21OMUB, 263361049000001, GP21OMUB, GP21OMUB, GP21OMUB, Huawei GP21OMUB,26DE12SAS,STORAGE BUNDLE W, DAE12435U4 DISK ENCLOSURE,12 600,27030041,COMBINER,M900,SCU3,1,947,5MHZ,25MHZ,N, FEMALE 027030053, E-GSM B, COMBINER, GSM900, ESCU3,0, 4-IN-1, 921,27030053,SCU,SIMPLE COMBINING 900 MHZ27060124,DDPD,WT,DRFU M1800, 027090041, 027100042, BTS312 EDU27140025,27140026,CDU M901,CDUA3, 027140026,CDU M900 027140026,CDUA3,BTS 312 CDU M900 027140030, COMBINER,DIVIDER, M1800,EDU3,0,TX180527140032,GM-RCDUM COMBINING, DISTRIBUTION 900 MHZ 027140034, BTS 312 ECDU 027140034, M1800 CDU RADIO 27140035, BTS312 ECDU27140035,GSM 900 ECDU 027140035,0,BTS 312 Huawei ECDU 027140038 ,GM-CDUM,COMBINING, DISTRIBUTION 1800 MHZ27140043, EDU 027140051, DFCU900, 027140052, DFCB900, 27140070, DFCB 1800 27150001, ANTENNA FEEDER ACCESSORY 027150022, GROUNDING KIT FOR 1,2 F27150044,DOUBLE FEEDER CLAMP1,2 F27150067,ODU GROUNDING KIT 027150111, UNIVERSAL GROUNDNG CLAMP274910, DCCU 028010026,EARTHING CABLES 028010212, CABLE 0280654,RF CABLE SUITE LABEL I, 029042125,OUTDOOR ENGINEERING LABEL 029042127,OUTDOOR ENGINEERING LABEL 0297491,DCCU2-ADSL, 2-ADSL2G,SHDSL, 2G, SHDSL3012, BTS 900 MHZ, PLS ENQUIRE FOR CONFIGURATION3012AE 4,4,4,900MHZ OUTDOOR BTS,6X DTRU, 03020230, SECONDARY POWER BOARD 03020380, 03020380 3020GDP, MP13020KPM, SYSTEM CONTROL, CROSS-CONNECT, MULTI-PROT 03021124, 03021124 03021904, 3021904, 03023883, 03023883, 03025776, TEMPERATURE CONTROL 3028262,GM-DSAC SIGNAL ACCESS, FOR DTRU BTS30123028402, 30284023028435, GICF,2-PORT GE OPTIX 03028708, 03028708 03028712, GM-DMLC MONITOR SIGNAL LIGHTNING-Huawei PROTECTION, FOR DTRU BTS 0303029749, 03029749 03029998, BOARD,SCUL ,SUPER CONTROL 03031363, Huawei FINISHED BOARD,M900,M1800,GM13FTC0,TRANSCODER 3031370, 03031370 03031473,MASTER NODE PROCESSING BOARD 03031474,ALARM COLLECTING PROCESSING BOARD 03031475,TIME-DIVISION SWITCHING N3031478,COMMUNICATION INTERFACE BOARD 03031479, 03031479, 03031480, 0303148, 03031481, 03031481, 03031482, 03031482, 03031483, OPTICAL FIBER INTERFACE BOARD 03031485, SECONDARY POWER BOARD 03031843,LAPD SIGNALLING BOARD 03032129,TRANSMISSION MANAGEMENT UNI303219, 3032193032213, 03032213, 03032216, 03032216, Huawei 03032461, 03032461, 03032593,MAIN PROCESSING 03032711, 03032711, 03033798,LPU LINE PROCESSING 3034077,40 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXING 03034284, 8XE1 ELECTRICAL INTERFACE BOARD,EIB,3034348, 03034348, 03034706,CKII EXTERNAL CLOCK SOURCE CLOCK 3034720, 03034720, 03034750, 03034750 03034764, 03034764, 03035304,GM34BIE, 03035544, 03035544, 03035590, 03035590, 03035930, ABIS BY PASS ABB3035930 N,ABIS BY PASS ABB3035971,HSCU HIGH SPEED CHANNEL 3036443, ENHANCED TRANSCODER BOARD 03036656, 03036656 03037463,GM-DEMU ENVIRONMENT MONITORING FOR DTRX BTS 03037951, 30379513039002,OPTIX METRO 3600 PIU3039204,16-PORT GIGABIT ETHERNET PROCESSING BOARD3039979, 3039979 C-B, OPTICAL AMPLIFIER 03050111,CORE NETWORK WBFI 03050111 03050126, WCKI 03050142, WEPI3050145, WHSC3050151,KW-WALU ALARM 03050162,KW-UMPU BNET MAIN CONTROL BOARD, 03050383, 03050383 03050388, ME32 03050392, 03050392 03050402, 03050402 03050415, 03050415 03050454, 03050454 03050511, 03050511 03050515, MSPF3050537, UG02ME323050589, 03050589 03050597, KW-WVDB 03050599, CORE NETWORK WSMU 03050599 03050599, 03050599 03050600, IP FORWORD MODULE,3050602, CORE NETWORK WCSU 03050602 03050602, 03050602 03050607, WBSG 03050608, WMGC,30506261,SSN1SLQ110,OSN2500 SLQ13050713, 03050713 03050714,MTCB 03050834, 0305088, 0305088, 03050932, MODEL WEPI Huawei 03050984, 51121,EIUA 03051122,EIUA, 030518981, SSN1SLQ1A10,OSN2500 SLQ1A3052225, 03052225 03052741, POUA3052742, POUA3052776, GM-TCU TEMPERATURE CONTROL 30AQK105, GMPU 031070026, PBX LICENSE CHARGE FOR AR1220 031070026, 81400263,PBX FUNCTION AR150, 200 031070026, 81400298,DSVPN FUNCTION AR 150,200 031070026,88031BMG,AR SSLVPN LICENSE-ACCESS 10 USERS AR150,200310-R1602P01,LS-3928P-EI311391008000813, 31182753, SHORT, PRI,31182754, SHORT, PRI, 031184950, ES0IV1R6C0E0 QUIDWAY S7700 SMART ROUTING SWITCH PRODUCT DOCUMENT313701049000122, GM31E3M0,313701049000312, GM31E3M0,313701049000334, GM31E3M0, 031370104, GM31E3M0, 031370105, GM31E3M0, 031370105, GM31E3M0, 031370106, GM31E3M0, 03137010 GM31E3M0, 03137010, GM31E3M0, 031424105, LAP314241059000386, CB03LAPA0, 031424105, CB03LAPA0,31424107, CB03LAP 03142410 CB03LAPA0, 3142410, CB03LAPA0, 314721048000020, GM11GEMA0,314721049000232, GM11GEMA0,314721049000248, GM11GEMA0,314721049000252, GM11GEMA0, 03147210, GM11GEMA0, 03147210, GM11GEMA0, 03147210, GM11GEMA0, 031472105, GEMA 03147210, GM11GEMA0, 03147210, GM11GEMA0, 03147210, GM11GEMA0, 03147310, GNOD 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 3147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0,3 0147310, GM11GNOD0, 03147310, GM11GNOD0, 3147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GMC 023147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147410, GM11GALMO, 03147510, GM11GNET0, 31475105,GM11GNET0, 03147510, GM11GNET0, 3147510, GM11GNET0, 31475107, GM11GNET0, 03147510, GM11GNET0, 03147510, GM11GNET0, 3147810, GM11GMC20, 03147810, GM11GMC20, 03147810, GM11GMC20, 03147810, GM11GMC20, 3147810, GM11GMC20, 03147810, GM11GMC20, 03147810, GM11GMC20,314781075000203, GM11GMC20,314781075000282, GM11GMC20,314791049000147, GM11GOPT0,314791049000373, Huawei GM11GOPT0,314791049000378, GM11GOPT0,31479105,GOPT314791056001134, GM11GOPT0,314791076000041, GM11GOPT0,314791076000478, Huawei GM11GOPT0,31480102,GMCC31480104, GM11GMCC0, 0314801049000223, GM11GMCC0,314801049000224, GM11GMCC0,314801049000253, GM11GMCC0,314801049000255, GM11GMCC0,314801049000256, GM11GMCC0,314801058000268, GM11GMCC0,314801076000267, GM11GMCC0,314801076000294, GM11GMCC0,31481104, 314811049000045314811049000015, GM11GSNT0,314811049000045, GM11GSNT0,314811049000047, GM11GSNT0,314811049000066, GM11GSNT0,31482104, GM11GCTN0,314821049000067, Huawei GM11GCTN0,314821049000104, GM11GCTN0,314821049000106, GM11GCTN0,314821049000107, GM11GCTN0,31483104, Huawei GM11GFBI0,314831048000244, GM11GFBI0,314831048000300, GM11GFBI0,314831048000301, GM11GFBI0,314831048000308, GM11GFBI0,314831048000333, GM11GFBI0,314831048000338, GM11GFBI0,314831048000343, GM11GFBI0,314831059000341, GM11GFBI0,314831059000349, GM11GFBI0,314831075000334, GM11GFBI0,314831075000361, GM11GFBI0,3148510,GPWS314851048000029, GM11GPWS0,314851048000066, GM11GPWS0,314851048000158, GM11GPWS0,314851048000196, GM11GPWS0,314851048000511, GM11GPWS0,314851048000713, GM11GPWS0,314851048001135, GM11GPWS0,314851048001150, GM11GPWS0,314851048001162, GM11GPWS0,314851048001171, GM11GPWS0,314851048001218, GM11GPWS0,314851048001229, GM11GPWS0,314851049000042, GM11GPWS0,314851049000077, GM11GPWS0,314851059000461, GM11GPWS0,314851059000657, GM11GPWS0,314851069000981, GM11GPWS0,314851069000992, GM11GPWS0,31485107, GM11GPWS0,314851076000740, GM11GPWS0,314851076000742, Huawei GM11GPWS0,318431049000157, GM32GLAP0,318431049000158, GM32GLAP0,318431049000204, GM32GLAP0,318431049000417, GM32GLAP0,318431049000420, GM32GLAP0,318431049000470, GM32GLAP0,318431049000559, GM32GLAP0,318431049000586, GM32GLAP0,318431059000763, GM32GLAP0,318431059000785, GM32GLAP0,318431059000787, GM32GLAP0,318431059000794, GM32GLAP0,318431059000832, GM32GLAP0,318431059000857, GM32GLAP0,318431059000873, GM32GLAP0,318431059000885, GM32GLAP0,31843107, GM32GLAP0,318431076000207, GM32GLAP0,318431076000214, GM32GLAP0,318431076000300, Huawei GM32GLAP0,318431076000302, GM32GLAP0,318431076000364, GM32GLAP0,318431076000408, GM32GLAP0,32129104,GMK2T PACK CONTROLLER32129105,GMK32129106,MMI3213409,RRU 3801C32593104,GM13GMP325931048000141, GM13GMPU0,325931048000167, GM13GMPU0,325931048000191, GM13GMPU0,325931049000086, GM13GMPU0,33010007,DOOR MAGNET SWITCH33010089,LIQUID LEVEL SENSOR D18,633010286,TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY33010293,SMOKE SENSOR33098105, GP22RPPU1,330981057000304, GP22RPPU1,330981057000331, GP22RPPU1,330981057000333, GP22RPPU1,3368131,HSYS SIGNALING INTERFACE MODULE,34060313, 3406031334060360, 3406036034060365, 3406036534060485, 3406048534060487, 3406048735017248938,ECDU35040184, 3504018435040213, 35040213353041047000028, GM34BIE0,353041047000034, GM34BIE0,353041047000053, GM34BIE0,353041047000095, GM34BIE0,353041047000149, GM34BIE0,353041047000158, GM34BIE0,353041049000040, GM34BIE0,353041049000309, GM34BIE0,353041049000321, GM34BIE0,353041049000327, GM34BIE0,353041049000340, GM34BIE0,353041049000341, GM34BIE0,353041049000351, GM34BIE0,353041049000360, GM34BIE0,353041049000362, GM34BIE0,353041049000364, GM34BIE0,353041049000367, GM34BIE0,353041049000394, GM34BIE0,353041049000403, GM34BIE0,353041049000423, GM34BIE0,353041049000429, GM34BIE0,353041049000436, GM34BIE0,353041049000634, GM34BIE0,353041049000636, GM34BIE0,353041049000649, GM34BIE0,353041049000796, GM34BIE0,370422, WLAN,UND 4 LAN-ANSCHLSSE, LI, EXTERNER, 371071, 03710810, SIWC 03746310,GM51DEMU0 38130080, 3813008038S1260ANH, OPTIX RTN 600 38G-HO ODU 3900 SERIES, QUIDWAY S3900 SERIES-ROUTER, 3AG24175, 3AG241753AL78821, 3AL788213AL78895, 3AL788953AL78938, 3AL789383AL79029, 3AL790293AL79176, 3AL791763AL80702, 3AL807023AL81072, 3AL810723AL81434, 3AL814343AL81692, 3AL816923AL91884, 3AL918843BK07599,CABLE T CONNECTOR TYPE N MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 650 MM3C13805,ROUTER 6000 RPU2 MODULE,3C13880,3COM ROUTER 6080 CHASSIS 3JX77XYE, 01-W2120F01A-BMI,3JX7HE9J, 01-W2120F01A-BMI,3JX7HF2Z, 01-W2120F01A-BMI,3JX7HFC7, 01-W2120F01A-BMI,40020087, Huawei
Huawei for sale

Huawei spare parts for sale

Huawei spare parts for sale
03035535 GM-FTC Transcoder
03031373 GM-MSM Sub-Multiplex Board
03031485 GM-GPWS Secondary Power Board
03031480 GM-GMCC Communication Control Processor
03031481 GM-GSNT Signaling Switching Network Board
03031474 GM-GALM Alarm Collecting Processing Board
03020230 CC-PWC Secondary Power Board
03031370 GM-E3M Large-Capacity E1 Interface Board
03035304 GM-BIE Base Station Interface Board
03021124 GB-CKV B Module Clock Drive Card
03030AQK GM-GMPU Main Processing Unit
03031472 GM-GEMA Emergency Switching Board (Active/Standby Changeover)
03031424 CB-LAPA0 4-Link CCS7 Signaling Board
03031843 GM-LAPD LAPD Signalling Board
03032129 GM-PMU Transmission Management Unit
03032129 GM-TMU Transmission Management Unit
02310577 GM-TRXM 900MHz(40W) 900M Transceiver Unit(40W)
02311212 GM-PBU Power Booster Module
27140035 BTS312 CDU Combiner/divider,M900,ECDU3.0,Tx:935~960MHz/Rx:890~915MHz,25MHz,2 to 1,1/4(+4),26V
27140026 BTS312 ECDU Combiner/Divider,M900,CDUA3.0,R890~915MHz/T935~960MHz,25MHz,2-In-1,1-Into-4,DC 26V
02130481S HD48100-5 AC/DC module,H541AZ,380VAC Input, 48V/100A Output,HD48100-5 Rectifier Module
02130484S HD4830-3 AC/DC module,H3413Z,220VAC Input, 48V/30A Output,HD4830-3 Rectifier Module
02310510 GM-TRXM 1800MHz(40W) 1800M Transceiver Unit(40W)
03030BMY GM-DTMU Transmission Timing Management Unit for DTRU BTS
02313827 GM-DTRU Double Transceiver Unit
02314120 GM-DDPU Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS
02314169 GM-DTRU 1800M Double Transceiver Unit
Huawei spare parts


1 Huawei 03035535 GM-FTC Transcoder 8
2 03031373 GM-MSM Sub-Multiplex Board 8
3 03031485 GM-GPWS Secondary Power Board 2
4 03031480 GM-GMCC Communication Control Processor 2
5 03031481 GM-GSNT Signaling Switching Network Board 2
6 03031474 GM-GALM Alarm Collecting Processing Board 2
7 03020230 CC-PWC Secondary Power Board 8
8 03031370 GM-E3M Large-Capacity E1 Interface Board 6
9 03035304 GM-BIE Base Station Interface Board 8
10 03021124 GB-CKV B Module Clock Drive Card 2
11 03030AQK GM-GMPU Main Processing Unit 2
12 03031472 GM-GEMA Emergency Switching Board (Active/Standby Changeover) 2
13 03031424 CB-LAPA0 4-Link CCS7 Signaling Board 2
17 03031843 GM-LAPD LAPD Signalling Board 2
18 03032129 GM-PMU Transmission Management Unit 10
19 03032129 GM-TMU Transmission Management Unit 15
20 02310577 GM-TRXM 900MHz(40W) 900M Transceiver Unit(40W) 15
21 02311212 GM-PBU Power Booster Module 15
22 27140035 BTS312 CDU combiner/divider,M900,ECDU3.0,Tx:935~960MHz/Rx:890~915MHz,25MHz,2 to 1,1/4(+4),26V 2
23 27140026 BTS312 ECDU Combiner/Divider,M900,CDUA3.0,R890~915MHz/T935~960MHz,25MHz,2-In-1,1-Into-4,DC 26V PCS
24 02130481S HD48100-5 AC/DC module,H541AZ,380VAC Input, 48V/100A Output,HD48100-5 Rectifier Module 2
25 02130484S HD4830-3 AC/DC module,H3413Z,220VAC Input, 48V/30A Output,HD4830-3 Rectifier Module 30
26 02310510 GM-TRXM 1800MHz(40W) 1800M Transceiver Unit(40W) 10
27 03030BMY GM-DTMU Transmission Timing Management Unit for DTRU BTS 6
28 02313827 GM-DTRU Double Transceiver Unit 6
29 02314120 GM-DDPU Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS 5
30 02314169 GM-DTRU 1800M Double Transceiver Unit 8