NOKIA wireless for sale

NOKIA wireless for sale
Nokia RBS Unit Description Module Part Number Revision
Core Assembly with 3 FSPC for FSME FSME 083833A
Core Assembly for FRGF FRGF 083837A
Core Assembly for FRGP FRGP 084629A
FPAA Flexi power AC/DC submodule 230V FPAA 470140A
FTJA Transport PDH Asymm/Ethernet Hybrid FTJA 471248A
FTIB Transport PDH Ethernet ToP FTIB 471720A
Core Assembly for FRGC FRGC 083689A
FXEB Flexi RF Module 1800 Triple 90W FXEB 472501A
ESMC Flexi EDGE 36 TRX System Module ESMC 472059A
Core Assembly with 2 FSPC for FSMD FSMD 083780A
FTEB Transport PDH E1 Asymmetric FTEB 470156A
Core Assembly with 3 FSPA for FSMB FSMB 082849A
FTIF Transport PDH Ethernet FTIF 472311A
CDSP-DH Configurable Dynamic Signal Pro C110830
MX1G6-A 1.6 Gbit/s ATM Multiplexer C110911
FRGT Flexi RF Module 3TX 2100 FRGT 472810A
FIQB Abis over IP Ethernet and E1 T1 sym FIQB 472234A
NP8S1-B Line-Interface Plug-in Unit C111323
FBBA Capacity Extension Sub-Module FBBA 472182A
CCP18-A Control Computer C109093
FBBC Flexi Capacity Extension Sub-Module FBBC 472797A
FRGQ Flexi RRH 2TX 2100 FRGQ 472261A
System Module FSMB 082849A.102/.103/.104/.105
System Module FSMD 083780A.102/.103/.104
System Module FSME 083833A.104/.105
RF Module FRDA 083666A.101/.102/.103
RF Module FRDB 083681A.101/.102/.103
RF Module FRGC 083689A.104/.105
RF Module FRGD 083688A.104/.105
RF Module FRGL 084208A.101/.102
RF Module FRGM 084209A.101/
RF Module FRGP 084629A.101
Transport Module FTIB 471720A.103/.104
Transport Module FTLB 471984A.103/
Transport Module FTPB 470137A.102/.104/.106/.107/.208
Alarm Box FSEB 471424A
FCOA Cabinet FCOA11 11 470142A.102/.103
Mounting Covers FMCA 470239A
Mounting Kit FMFA11 470149A.103/104
Flexi WCDMA 48VDC Base Station FSMB Core FSMB 082849A
Nokia Flexi BTS GSM Transceiver Baseband Unit Ultrasite BB2E BB2E 468131A
Flexi WCDMA Base Station L608380510
Flexi WCDMA Base Station
FSMD Core Flexi WCDMA Base Station FSMD 083780A
FSME Flexi WCDMA Base Station FSME 083833A
FSMD 083780A Flexi WCDMA Base Station FSMD Core FSMD 083780A
FSMD 083780A Flexi WCDMA Base Station FSMD Core FSMD
NOKIA wireless for sale

Nokia BTS for sale

Nokia BTS for sale
large QTY of each available
For Sale
Ultrasite Indoor 900 (2-2-2)
Ultrasite Indoor 1800 (2-2-2)
Ultrasite Indoor EDGE 900 (2-2-2)
Ultrasite Indoor EDGE 1800 (2-2-2)
Intratalk 900 (2-2-2)
Flexi BTS
Nokia BTS for sale

Nokia Core Network for sale

Nokia Core Network for sale
System PN Qty
FRGW 084209a 1
FSMB 082849a 30
FRGL 084208a 4
FRGC 083689a 12
FRGK 084201a 1
FPFA 082830a
FRGD 083688a 6
FIEB 470156a 10
CVSB 470030a 5
CBSG 469773a 10
CTGA 469691a 5
CTDA 469690a 10
BB2F 469643a 10
BOIA 467863a 15
TRXA 465119a 8
TSDA 467828a 20
PWSB 467866a 209 210 10
VXTA 467612a 8
TSGB 468704a 5
TSDB 469089a 10
Nokia Core Network for sale