Alcatel-Lucent-NOKIA Optical-Transmission, Core-Network, Wireless Mobile Networks Telecom Equipment

1COM is your ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for Alcatel-Lucent/NOKIA Core Network, Transmission and Wireless Mobile Networks. Telecom equipment at 50% to 95% off list price.

An industry leader for 28 years, 1COM is known for its high-quality products, impeccable service, and competitive prices. 1COM purchases NEW surplus telecom equipment and USED equipment scheduled for de-installation and replacement, offering a substantial return on initial investment costs. 1COM’s high quality used-refurbished telecom equipment offers companies considerable savings over buying new.

1COM supplies clients in over 30 countries with quality new-overstock-surplus and used-refurbished spare telecom parts. Prompt delivery to any place in the world. If you need a part that’s not in our stock, we’ll find it. 1COM’s worldwide network of vendors, including end-users, equipment brokers, dealers and resellers can fill any order.

28 years as a secondary-market reseller Alcatel-Lucent/NOKIA, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nortel and more
19 years sourcing in Asia Alcatel-Lucent/NOKIA, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia
16 years as a Lucent/Alcatel-Lucent/NSN/Nokia reseller
13 years Huawei Access, Core-Network, Wireless, Optical Transmission
2 years as Huawei Channel Partner 2012 to 2014
11 years ALU/NOKIA Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28


Huawei OSN8800, OSN 8800, OSN6800, 6800 Chassis TN9K6AFB, TN1K6AFB Huawei
RTN950, SL91CSH, 03020RBJ, SL91LFU2, OPTIX RTN900, SL91LFU2, 03020RCJ,LE0D0VSTSA00 CLUSTER SWITCHING SYSTEM SERVICE 03020RDK, SL91EM6T, OPTIX RTN 900, SL91EM6T, 03020REB, 03020REB, 03020RMY, AR0MSVA4B1A0 4-PORT FXS, 1-PORT FXO VOICE INTERFACE, 03020RMY, 004, 03020RMY,004, 03020RRN, LE0D0VAMPA00 VALUE-ADDED SERVICE 03020RTC, AR0MSRU80A00 SERVICE, ROUTER 8003020RTY,LE0DG48VEA00 48-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T POE INTERFACE,EA,RJ403020RVG, LE0DSRUA QUIDWAY S9306,S9312 MAIN CONTROL A,CLOCK, 03020SAY, AR0MSDSA2A00 2-PORT SYNC,ASYNC SERIAL PORT INTERFACE,03020SHK, LE0DG48TFA00 48-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T INTERFACE,FA,RJ45,03020SHP, LE0DG48SFA00 48-PORT 100, 1000BASE-X INTERFACE,FA,SFP,03020SQS,LE0DX40SFC00 40-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE,FC,SFP+,03020SWW,LE0D0WMNPA00 WAN INTERFACE SERVICES PROCESS, 03020SXA, SL91SP3SB,OPTIX RTN 900, SL91SP3SB, 03020TEA, LE0DX4UXED00 4-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE,ED,XFP,03020TNF, LE0DG24CEAS0 24-PORT 100,1000BASE-X, 8-PORT, Huawei 10,100,1000BASE-T03020TQN, LE0DG48TBC00 48-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T INTERFACE, 03020UDU, AR0MSDE12A00 2-PORT FRACTIONAL CHANNELIZED E1,T1 WAN INTERFACE C03020UJS, LE0DG48SBC00 48-PORT 100,1000BASE-X INTERFACE, BC,SFP, 03020VCR, LE0DG24TFA00 24-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T INTERFACE,FA, RJ45,03020XBH,8-PORT ASYNC SERIAL PORT INTERFACE,03020XEV,2-PORT 10GE SFP+ OPTICAL INTERFACE,03020XEV,004, 03020XEV,004,03020XPK,128-CHANNEL VOICE, DSP MODULE,03020XTN, AR0MWMF9TT00 8-PORT 10,100BASE,RJ45, 1-PORT 10,100,1000BASE, 03020XTQ,2-PORT FE WAN INTERFACE, 03020XTR,AR0MSEG1CA00 1-PORT GE COMBO WAN INTERFACE, 03020YKE, AR0MSDS1XA00 1-PORT ISDN S,T WAN INTERFACE, 03020YNB, AR0MSDSA1A00 1-PORT SYNC,ASYNC SERIAL PORT INTERFACE,03020YNR,2-PORT CHANNELIZED E1,T1,PRI,VE1 MULTIFLEX TRUNK INTERFACE, 03020YNR, 004, 03020YNR, 004,03020YNT,1-PORT FRACTIONAL CHANNELIZED E1,T1 WAN INTERFACE, 03020YNU,1-PORT CHANNELIZED E1,T1,PRI,VE1 MULTIFLEX TRUNK INTERFACE, 03020YNU,004, 03020YNU,004, 03021AQU, AR0MSPC31A00 1-PORT 155M CHANNELIZED POS OPTICAL INTERFACE,03021BKJ,LE0D0S24XC00 24-PORT 100,1000BASE-X, 2-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFA, 03021HWQ,16-CHANNEL VOICE, DSP MODULE,03021HWT,32-CHANNEL VOICE, DSP MODULE, 03021HWU,64-CHANNEL VOICE, DSP MODULE, 03021JUM, LE0DX16SFC00 16-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE,FC,SFP+,03021JYL,W0PSA5000 500W AC POWER MODULE, 03021JYM,4-PORT GE SFP, 10GE SFP+ OPTICAL INTERFACE, IN HI SE03021JYN,2-PORT GE SFP OR 10GE SFP+ OPTICAL INTERFACE, IN HI SE03021JYP,4-PORT GE SFP OPTICAL INTERFACE, IN HI SERIES, 03021RJW, 88134UFF1, 5X8XNBD, 03021RJW, 03021RJW, 88134UFN1, 5X8X4H,03021RJW, 03021RJW, 88134UJL1, 5X8XNBD, HUAWEI 03021RJW, 03022493,TDU, GMK1TDU, 03022493 GMK1TDU,BTS312 TDU, 03022493, GMK1TDU, TDU03023883, MANUFACTURED BOARD,M900, 1800GPRS, GP11E1TM,E1 TRANSMISSION MODULE, 03025992,C34S, SSM1C34S, 03026511, SHELF DE MA5300 BACKPLANE H531E, 03027581,C34S, HUAWEI SSN1C34S, 03028262, SIGNAL ACCESS, DTRU BTS3012, 03028402, 03028402, 03028435, GICF,2-PORT GE OPTI03028495,E1TF, HUAWEI H601E1TF, 03028708,E1 SIGNAL LIGHTNING-PROTECTION, FOR DTRU BTS3012, 03028712,MONITOR SIGNAL LIGHTNING-PROTECTION, FOR DTRU BTS 3012, 03029998,BOARD,SCUL,SUPER CONTROL, 0302A187,QUIDWAY S6506R XGBUS, LS81BAKE Y1, 0302A375, 1000 BASE-X-SFP, LS82GP20A, 0302A402, 10GBASE -R-XENPAK, 5X8X4H, 24X7X4H,0302G35Y, HUAWEI 03030585, E1603030AXL,UA5000 PACKET VOICE OPTICAL MODULE,03030BCD,PACKET VOICE MODULE,03030BDB,28XDS1,PDT1 SSK1DRA, 03030BDK,SL64,SSN1SL6405-L-64,2B, 03030BME, STM-64,S-64,2,SL64, 03030BMY, DTMU, 03030BXB, 03030BXB, 03030CBF,CONTROL, TN11SCC01,03030CFA-00, 03030CFA-0003030CFA01, OPT INTERFACE PRNCD NETENGINE 4003030CNS,SSQ2SAP, SYSTEM,PROCESS BOARD, 03030CUN, SL64A, SST2SL64A02-S64,2B CTL03030CUR,SL64A, SST2SL64A05-L6403030DAM, 03030DAM C-B, OPTICAL AMPLIFIER, 03030DKB, SST1IXCSA, INFINITE CROSS-CONNECT, SYNCHRONOUS TIMING BOARD, 03030DKN, SSN1IXCSB, INFINITE CROSS-CONNECT, SYNCHRONOUS TIMING BOARD, 03030EQH, RAMAN,03030ESL,PQ1,SSN2PQ1A01-12, 03030ESS,AMPLIFIER 20DB TN11OBU101, 03030ETD,MUX 40 CHANNELS B, C PAR TN11M4001, 03030ETE, DEMUX 40 CHANNELS B, C PAR TN11D4001, 03030ETF, AMPLIFIER 20, 31DB TN11OAU101,03030ETQ, 10X1000BASE-SFP03030EYS,MUX,DEMUX 4 CHANNELS 21,22,23,24 TN11MR401, 03030FAK,L64,SSJ5L64E02-S64,2B-S03030FHQ,PL3A, SSN2PL3A01, 03030FNE,1X10GBASE LAN-XFP, 03030FSL,1-PORT OC-192C,STM-64C POS-XFP FLEXIBLE, OCCUP, 03030FXJ, AMPLIFIER 24-36DB TN11OAU103, 03030FXN, AMPLIFIER 17DB TN11OBU104, 03030GBP, AMPLIFIER 23DB TN11OBU103, 03030GBV,CR53-P10-1XPOS,STM16-SFP 1-PORT OC-48C,STM-16C POS-SFP FLEXIBLE, 03030GVN, DEMUX ROADM 9 PORTS B, C TN12WSD9A01, 03030GYT,FIU, TN12FIU01,03030HCF,EOL, 03030HCF, EOL,03030HND,1-PORT OC-192C,STM-64C POS-XFP FLEXIBLE,03030JCY,CR53-P10-4XPOS,STM4-SFP 4-PORT OC-12C, STM-4C POS-SFP FLEXIBLE CA03030JFH,ES0DG48CEAT0 36-PORT 10,100, 1000BASE-T, 12-PORT 100,1000BASE-03030JFJ, HUAWEI 03030JFJ, 03030JSB, ES0D0E12GA00 12-PORT 1000BASE-PX EPON INTERFACE, 12-PORT 100,03030JSP, 03030JSP, 03030JTY,CR53-P10-4XPOS,STM1-SFP 4-PORT OC-3C,STM-1C POS-SFP FLEXIBLE CAR03030JUD, OSC SIMPLE TN12SC101,03030JUH, OSC DOUBLE TN12SC201, 03030KAP, ES0D0X4UXC00 4-PORT 10GBASE-X, HUAWEI INTERFACE, EC, XFP, 03030KAR, ES0D0S24XA00 24-PORT 100,1000BASE-X, 2-PORT 10GBASE-X, HUAWEI INTERFACE, 03030KCR, 03030KCR, 03030KNN, 03030KNN, 03030KQM, SSN2PQ1B, 63XE1 SERVICE PROCESSING BOARD, 120OHM,03030KQT, ES0D0G48VA00 48-PORT 10,100, 1000BASE-T POE INTERFACE, EA, RJ403030KRT, 03030KRT, 03030KSM, ES0D0X4UXA00 4-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE,EA, XFP, 03030LGK,ES0D0G24CA00 24-PORT 100,1000BASE-X, 8-PORT 10, 100,1000BASE-T03030LKN, 03030LKN, 03030LKQ, HUAWEI 03030LKQ, 03030LKV, ES0D0X2UXC00 2-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE, EC,XFP, 03030LMF, 03030LMF, 03030LMN, 03030LMN, 03030LMP,ES0D0T24XA00 24-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T, 2-PORT 10GBASE-X INTE03030LPM, GTMU03030LWF, ES0D0X2UXA00 2-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE,EA,XFP, 03030LXL, ES0D0F48TA00 48-PORT 10,100BASE-T INTERFACE,EA, RJ45,03030MDD, 03030MDD, 03030MHB,ES0D0G48SA00 48-PORT, Huawei 100,1000BASE-X INTERFACE, EA,SFP,03030MPV, ES0D00MCUA00 QUIDWAY S7703 MAIN CONTROL A03030MQK,E S0D0G48SC00 48-PORT 100,1000BASE-X INTERFACE,EC,SFP, 03030MQL,ES0D0G48TC00 48-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T INTERFACE,EC,RJ45,03030MQM, ES0D0G48TA00 48-PORT 10, 100, 1000BASE-T INTERFACE, EA,RJ45,03030MQN, ES0D0G24SC00 24-PORT 100, 1000BASE-X INTERFACE, EC,SFP, Huawei 03030MQP,ES0D0G24SA00 24-PORT 100,1000BASE-X INTERFACE, SA,SFP,03030MQQ, ES0D00FSUA00 ENHANCED FLEXIBLE SERVICE 03030MQR, ES0D00SRUB00 QUIDWAY S7706,S7712 MAIN CONTROL, HUAWEI,CLOCK, 03030MQS, ES0D00SRUA00 QUIDWAY S7706,S7712 MAIN CONTROL A03030MQV,ES0D0F48TC00 48-PORT 10,100BASE-T INTERFACE, EC,RJ45,03030MQW,ES0DF48TFA00 48-PORT 10,100BASE-T INTERFACE, FA,RJ45, 03030MQX, ES0DG48TFA00 48-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T INTERFACE, FA,RJ45, 03030MVS, HUAWEI 03030MVS, 03030MXQ,2-PORT OC-192C,STM-64C POS-XFP FLEXIBLE,P100,03030NFY, ES0D0X12SA00 12-PORT 10GBASE-X INTERFACE,SA, HUAWEI SFP+,03030NGA, ES0DG24TFA00 24-PORT 10,100,1000BASE-T INTERFACE, FA,RJ45,03031472, GEMA, HUAWEI HUAWEI, GM11GEMAO, 03031474, GALM, GM11GALMO, Huawei 03031483,GFBI, GM11GFBIO, 03031483,OPTICAL FIBER INTERFACE BOARD, 03032129 GMK2TMU0,BTS 312 TMU, 0303219, TRANSMISSION, TIMING MANAGEMENT 03032363,PL3D, SS42PL3ED01, 03032365,PL3S, SS42PL3TS0103032461, 03032461, 03032466, 03032466, Huawei 03033734,UA5000,32 CHANNEL 48VANALOG, 03033734, UA5000,32 CHANNEL 48VANALOG, 03033798,LINE PROCESSING 03033LPM, Huawei 03034020,EU08, HUAWEI SSA2EU0801, 03034034,PD2S, SS44PD2SI01, 03034054,OI4,SS44OI4A03-L4,103034073,SDE, SS42SDE01, Huawei 03034293,SLQ4A, SSA1SLQ4A01-S-4,103034348, 03034348, 03034383, ET1603034706,EXTERNAL CLOCK SOURCE CLOCK, 03034720, 03034720, 03034764,ROUTE SWITCHING, HUAWEI 03035281,ADEF, H565ADEF2, 03035292, 03035304,BIE, GM34BIEO, 03035544,SIGNALING E1 03035590, HUAWEI SIGNAL LIGHTNING PROTECTION 03035971,HIGH SPEED CHANNEL 03035987,32 PORT SHDSL, 03036456, H5-ESME, ETHERNET SWITCH MAIN, HUAWEI BOARD, 03036595, NETENGINE 80E CENTRAL ROUTING BOARD, 03036599,H5-EADA, 03036599,H5-EADA03036618, Huawei TN11,01,03036656, ALARM INTERFACE, 03036954,PL1D, HUAWEI SSM1PL1DA01, 03037006, HUAWEI H5-EADB, 48 PORT ETHERNET ACCESS ADSL2+ INTERFACE, 03037058, HUAWEI 24-PORT ETHERNET OVER SHDSL BOARD, 03037064,SSN1GSCC, SYSTEM CONTROL, COMMUNICATION BOARD,03037167, UA5000, H601PWX0, SECONDRY POWER, HUAWEI BOARD, 03037314, H304ESC0 ESC,03037374,SL16A, HUAWEI SSN1SL16A02-S16, 103037376, SL16A, SSN1SL16A04-L16,203037391, SSN1SEP1,8XSTM-1 SIGNAL PROCESS BOARD, 03037463, ENVIRONMENT MONITORING FOR DTRX BTS03037532,SMARTAX MA5300 IN SRV UN BD03037692,SLD64,DE INTERFACE 2XSTM-64, 03037905, PACKET VOICE MODULE, HUAWEI DSP, 503037951, BROADB,SIGNALING PROCESSING 03038675,10X1000BASE-SFP, 03038676,SW FABRIC UN,SFU,03039002,OPTIX METRO 3600 PIU, 03039002,OPTIX METRO 3600 PIU, 03039082,1X10 G BASE LAN-HUAWEI LC, 03039083,1X10 G BASE LAN-LC, 03039084,1X10G BASE WAN-LC, 03039085, 1X10G BASE WAN-LC, 03039103, 03039103,OPTIX WDM SSEM1TMX03, 4 CHANNEL, 0303CGA, 0303CGA, 12XDS3, EC1 PROTECTION PQT3B, 0303OAQK, 0303OAQK, 03050111,WBFI, 03050145,CORE NETWORK WHSC, HUAWEI 03050145, 03050145, SF31WHSC0, MSOFTX3000 WHSC, 03050148, CORE NETWORK WSIU 03050148, 03050148, SF31WSIU0, MSOFTX3000 WSIU, 03050151 ,HUAWEI CORE NETWORK WALU 03050151, 03050151, ALARM 03050151, SF31WALU0, MSOFTX3000 WALU, 03050162, BNET MAIN CONTROL BOARD, 03050379, MOMU, HUAWEI UG01MOMU0, 03050379, UG01MOMU0, UMG8900 MOMU, 03050380, MMPU, UG01MMPUO, 03050380, UG01MMPUO, UMG8900 MMPU, 03050383, MPPB, UG01MPPB0, 03050383, 03050383, 03050383, UG01MPPB0, UMG8900 MPPB, 03050388, ME32,UG01ME320, 03050388, UG01ME320, UMG8900, HUAWEI ME32, 03050409, MNET, UG01MNETO, 03050409, UG01MNETO, UMG8900, MNET, 03050415, MCLK, UG01MCLK0, 03050415, UG01MCLK0, UMG8900 MCLK03050454, MECU, UG01MECU0, 03050454, UG01MECU0, UMG8900 MECU, 03050509, ULAN, 03050511, MCMF, UG01MCMF0, 03050511,UG01MCMF0, UMG8900 MCMF, 03050527, HSCI, SF32HSCI0, 03050527, SF32HSCI0, MSOFTX3000 HSCI, 03050537,MEDIA GATEWAY 32E1 PORT, 03050556,UCKI, 03050568,SGSN9810 UBSU, 03050569, UFSU, 03050579, UBIU, 03050584, MS2L,UG01MS2L0, Huawei 03050584, UG01MS2L0, UMG8900 MS2L, 03050589,GB-INTERFACE PROCESSING, HUAWEI 03050596, UCDR, 03050597, CORE NETWORK WVDB 03050597, 03050599,WSMU, SF32WSMU0, 03050599, HUAWEI SYSTEM MANAGEMENT 03050599, SF32WSMU0, MSOFTX3000 WSMU, 03050600,CORE NETWORK WIFM 03050600, 03050601, CORE NETWORK WCDB 03050601, 03050602, WCSU, SF32WCSU0, 03050602, 03050602, 03050602, SF32WCSU0, MSOFTX3000 WCSU, 03050606, CORE NETWORK WCCU 03050606, 03050606, 03050606, 03050606, SF32WCCU0, MSOFTX3000 WCCU03050607,CORE NETWORK WBSG 03050607, 03050607, BROAD B, SIGNOLING GATON, 03050607, SF32WBSG0, MSOFTX3000 WBSG, Huawei 03050608,CORE NETWORK WMGC 03050608, 03050713, MOBILE NETWORK TRANSCODE B4, TDMTONE, 03050714, MOBILE NETWORK TRANSCODE B5,2048CH, HUAWEI MPTY, 03050827, UPIU03050834, SSN1ADQ1, S-1,1,LC, 4X155M ATM PROCESSING BOARD,S-1,1,LC,APPRO0305088, MEDIA GATEWAY 32 E1 PORT TDM INTERFACE BOARD, 03050907, UEPI, 03050932, CORE NETWORK WEPI 03050932, 03050932, E1 POOL INTERFACE 03050933,CORE NETWORK WCKI 03050933, 03050984,SSQ2CXL1,S-1,1,LC, STM-1 SYSTEM CONTROL, CROSS-CONNECT,OPTICAL 03051003,UGFU, 03051005, UFCU, 03051075, UALU, 03051103, CORE NETWORK WBFIC 030511, 0303051105, CORE NETWORK WIFMC 03051105, 03051107,CORE NETWORK WBSGC 03051107, 03051116, GCUA, WP11GCUA, 03051116-WP11GCUA, PARC 6900 GCUA, 03051117,SCUA, WP11SCUA, 03051117, WP11SCUA, PARC 6900 SCUA, 03051118,TNUA, WP11TNUA, 03051118-WP11TNUA,PARC 6900 TNUA, 03051119, XPUA, WP11XPUA, 03051119, 03051119, WP11XPUA,PARC 6900 XPUA, 03051121, 03051121, 03051121, WP11EIUA,PARC 6900 EIUA, 03051122, 0IUA, WP11OIUA, 03051122, WP11EIUA,PARC 6900 EIUA03051122-WP11OIUA,PARC 6900 0IUA03051446, 0305144603051448, 03051448, 03051486, FARC, WP11PEUA, 03051486, WP11PEUA,PARC 6900 PEUA, 03051488,FG2A, WP11FG2A, 03051488-WP11FG2A, PARC 6900 FG2A, 03051697, ALUI, SG02ALUI0, 03051697,SG02ALUI0, MSOFTX3000 ALUI, 03051808,EMS4,4-PORTAS GBE,FE, LEAD TI03051813, DPUC, WP13DPUC, 03051813, DATA PROCESSING R,C, 03051813, WP13DPUC,PARC 6900 DPUC, 03051814, DPUD, WP13DPUD, 03051814, HUAWEI WP13DPUD, PARC 6900, HUAWEI BSC6900, DPUD, 03051905,EOL, 03051905, EOL, 03051945,EOL, 03051945, EOL,0305198, UGBLC, 03051985, UOMUB, 03051986, HUAWEI URCUC, 03051987, USPUC, 03051989, UGTPC, 03051990, USIGC, 03051991, ULIPC, 03052087, UTRP, QWM2UTRP3, 03052087, QWM2UTRP3, BTS3900-BBU-W UTRP, 03052096,EOL, 03052096, EOL,03052339, 2 GBE L2,1000BASE-SX,03052445, SSN3SL16A,S-16,1,LC, STM-16 OPTICAL INTERFACE BOARD,S-16,1,LC, 03052447, INTERFACE STM-16,L-16,2, 03052552,SSN1SLQ16,S-16,1,LC, 4,STM-16 OPTICAL INTERFACE BOARD,S-16,1,LC03052553, SSN1SLQ16, L-16,1,LC, 4,STM-16 OPTICAL INTERFACE BOARD,L-16,1, LC03052580,EOL, 03030LMT HUAWEI, OPTIX, OSN8800, TN52NS3T01, 40G, LINE, SVC, PROCESSING, BOARD, 03052580,EOL, 03052581, EOL, 03052581, EOL, 03052584, UTRP, TD11UTRP3, 03052584,TD11UTRP3, DBS3900-BBU-LTE UTRP, 03052741-WP11POUC, HUAWEI PARC BSC6900 POUA, 03052776, Huawei TEMPERATURE CONTROL 03052780, XPUB, 03052780, WP11XPUB, PARC BSC 6900 XPUB, 03052987,EOL, 03052987,EOL, HUAWEI 03053102, SL91SL1D02, OPTIX RTN900, SL91SL1D02, 03053194, ENH 5X8X4H, 0305G062, 0305G062, 88134UFG1, 0305G062, 0305G062, 88134UFN1 5X8X4H,TE, HUAWEI 7X24X4H, 5X8X4H, 24X7X4H, 0305G09C, 030AMX1, CXL16, 030AMX1, SSQ2CXL1602-S16,1, OSN2500 CXL16030AMX2, CXL17, WP11XPUB,030AQK10, 59000272, GM13GMPU0, 030AQK10, 59000460, GM13GMPU0, 030AQK10, 6A000803, HUAWEI GM13GMPU0, 333 030AQK10, 6A000804, GM13GMPU0, 030AQK107, GM13GMPU0, HUAWEI 030AQK10, 76000029, GM13GMPU0, 030AQK107, 6000034, HUAWEI GM13GMPU0, 030BEL10,HSYS, SG04HSYS0, 030BEL10, SG04HSYS0, MSOFTX3000, HUAWEI HSYS030BMY,DTMU, GM51DTMUO, 030BMY1069, GM51DTMUO DTMU, BTS3012, 030BMY1069, GM51DTMUO, 030BMY1069, GM51DTMUO, 030BMY107, HUAWEI DTMU, HUAWEI 030BMY10, 8300369, 030BMY10, 8300369, 030BMY9R, DTMU, RADIO030BMY, GM51DTMUO,BTS 3012, HUAWEI DTMU, 030BMY, GM51DTMUO, 030BMYGM, 51DTMUO, GM51DTMUO, 030CNS1, SSQ2SAP01, OSN2500 SAP, 030CUX10, 6B000021, TMX, HUAWEI 030ESLW, SSN2PQ1B01, OSN2500 PQ1030ETD, Huawei OSN6800,8800, TN11M4001030HNK,WD2ZGTMU1 GTMU BTS 3900 900MHZ, 030HNK4M, WD22GTMU1, DBS3900-BBU-2G GTMU030HNK, WD2ZGTMU1, 030HNK,WD2ZGTMU1, 030HVR10, 9A000278, 030HVR10, HUAWEI CORE NETWORK NS2, HUAWEI CR53CFE10030LPM, HUAWEI BTS3900A, 333 GTMUB030LPM, WD2ZGTMU6 GTMU, HUAWWEI BBU3900 3900, HUAWEI 030LPM10AA, 030LPM4MB, GTMU030LPM, WD22GTMU6, HUAWEI BTS3900-BBU-2G GTMU030LPM, WD2ZGTMU6, HUAWEI 030LPM,WD2ZGTMU6, 031370104, GM31E3M0, HUAWEI DBS3900+BBU3900+RRU, Huawei Chassis TN9K6AFB, TN1K6AFB, OSN6800 chassis, OSN 6800 Huawei

Huawei UMG8900 Core Network for sale

Huawei UMG8900 Core Network for sale
Network Signaling Processing Front unit
VDB 21030505
VLR Data Base
UPWR 21023125
Power board
MTNU UMG8900 21030503
Huawei UMG8900 Core Network for sale

Huawei Core Network spare parts for sale

Huawei Core Network spare parts for sale
Huawei Core Network spare parts for sale
1 Huawei 06230050 KW-EXP400 Disk Array,Exp400 DC,14pcs HD Capablilty,With 2 SCSI Cable,With 2*2m Power Core,2 ESM Module,2 Power Supply,English Document,3Year 5 8 Service 1 Huawei
2 06410019 KW-DISK HDD,73GB,Ultra320,10000rpm,Hot Swap,Internal,For IBM Server,90P1306
3 03050111 KW-WBFI Back Insert FE Interface Unit 2
4 03050145 KW-WHSC Hot-Swap And Control Unit 2
5 03050148 KW-WSIU System Interface Unit 2
6 03050151 KW-WALU Alarm Unit 2
7 03050597 KW-WVDB VLR Data Base unit 4
8 03050599 KW-WSMU System Management Unit 2
9 03050600 KW-WIFM IP Forward Module 2
10 03050601 KW-WCDB Central Data Base Unit 4
11 03050602 KW-WCSU Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit 4
12 03050606 KW-WCCU Call Control Unit 6
13 03050607 KW-WBSG Broadband Signaling Gateway 2
14 03050608 KW-WMGC Media Gateway Control unit 2
15 03050932 KW-WEPI E1_Pool Interface Unit 2
16 03050933 KW-WCKI Clock Interface Unit 2
17 02312525 KW-UPWR PSM Subrack Power Module 2
1 Huawei 03050409 KW-MNET Mobile Network Packet Switch Unit 2
2 03050379 KW-MOMU Mobile network Operation Maintenance Unit 2
3 03050392 KW-MTNU Mobile network TDM central switching Net Unit 2
4 03050415 KW-MCLK Mobile Network Clock Unit 2
5 03050383 KW-MPPB Mobile Network Back Protocol Processing Unit 2
6 03050388 KW-ME32 Mobile Network 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board 2
7 03050511 KW-MCMF Mobile Network Front Connection Maintenance Unit 2
8 03050515 KW-MSPF Mobile Network Front Signalling ProcessingUnit 2
9 03050454 KW-MECU Mobile Network Echo Canceller Unit 2
10 03050713 KW-MTCB4 Mobile Network TransCode Unit B4(TDMTone) 2
11 03050714 KW-MTCB5 Mobile Network TransCode Unit B5(2048CH MPTY) 2
12 03037088 SHPU Signaling High level link Processing Unit
HLR Spares
1 Huawei 03050599 KW-WSMU System Management 2
2 03050148 KW-WSIU System Interface 2
3 03050145 KW-WHSC Hot-Swap And Control 2
4 03050151 KW-WALU Alarm 2
5 03050933 KW-WCKI Clock Interface 2
6 03050602 KW-WCSU Call Control And Signaling Processing 2
7 03050932 KW-WEPI E1_Pool Interface 2
8 02312525 KW-UPWR PSM Subrack Power Module 2
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