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1COM supplies clients in over 30 countries with quality new-overstock-surplus and used-refurbished spare telecom parts. Our pricing is so competitive we supply telecom equipment to OEMs and resellers.

Founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1991
26 years experience in NEW & Secondary Market: ALU, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN & Nortel
17 years in Asia sourcing Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN & Nortel
15 years specialising in Lucent/Alcatel-Lucent/ALU
11 years as Huawei Reseller: Core-Network, Wireless, Optical & Microwave Transmission
2 years as Huawei Channel Partner

A full range of equipment from leading manufacturers can be delivered promptly to any place in the world. If you need a product that is not in our stock, please email or call and we’ll find it. 1COM’s worldwide network of vendors, including end-user carriers/operators, equipment brokers, dealers, and resellers can fill any order.

As an industry leader for 26+ years, 1COM is known for its high-quality products, impeccable service, and competitive prices. 1COM purchases surplus equipment and equipment scheduled for de-installation/replacement, offering a substantial return on initial investment costs. 1COM’s high quality refurbished equipment offers companies considerable savings over buying new, offering a full range of products from leading manufacturers along with a worldwide network of brokers/dealers allows immediate shipment worldwide.

As technologies evolve from EDGE to UMTS, 3G, LTE, 4G and beyond, the industry continues to face the complex challenge of maintaining, supporting and upgrading systems. Upon request, 1COM can provide installation and maintenance.

1COM also offers Huawei End-to-end-Solutions ‘E2ES’ solutions; Core Network design, CS, PS, RAN, O&M L1, L2 & L3 support. Wireless Services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP. Huawei GGSN, SSGN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, MSC, BSC radio/BTS/DBS, Single-RAN wireless design and install, Optical transmission & add-on services for CoreNet listed. We design mobile wireless networks, install mobile wireless networks, offer support, training & maintenance contracts.

1COM has large inventories of Core Network, Microwave Transmission, Wireless, Huawei DBS3900, BBU3900, BBU3910, UBBPd6, UMPTb2, MSC Core, HUAWEI BSC6800, BSC6900, HLR, IMS, UMG8900, MSOFTX3000, HSS9860, NE40-X3, USN9810, UGW9811, PDSN9660, CG9812, HUAWEI RTN620, RTN910, RTN950, HUAWEI OSN3500, OSN6800, OSN8800, OSN7500. Huawei Reseller, DBS3900, BBU3900, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, UMTS, Core Network, Optical Transmission, Huawei Transponders, Huawei Distributor, New and Used Reseller, Used Telecom Equipment Reseller


Huawei Core Network for sale

Huawei Core Network for sale
Item Description Quantity
Spare Parts For HLR
KW-WCSU Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit 3
KW-WALU Alarm Unit 2
KW-WEPI E1_Pool Interface Unit 4
KW-WSMU System Management Unit 2
KW-WSIU System Interface Unit 2
KW-WHSC Hot-Swap And Control Unit 2
KW-WCKI Clock Interface Unit 2
KW-UPWR PSM Subrack Power Module 3
Huawei Core
Item Description Quantity
Spare Parts For MSCe
Spare Parts For MSCe (750B)
KW-WSMU System Management Unit 3
KW-WSIU System Interface Unit 3
KW-WHSC Hot-Swap And Control Unit 5
KW-WALU Alarm Unit 2
KW-WCDB Central Data Base Unit 2
KW-WIFM IP Forward Module 2
KW-WBFI Back Insert FE Interface Unit 2
KW-WMGC Media Gateway Control unit 2
KW-WBSG Broadband Signaling Gateway 3
KW-WCCU Call Control Unit 3
KW-WVDB VLR Data Base unit 2
Spare Parts For MGW
Spare Parts For MGW R3
Media Module
Item Description Quantity
KW-MNET Mobile Network Packet Switch Unit 2
KW-MOMU Mobile network Operation & Maintenance Unit 2
KW-MMPU Mobile Network Main Processing Unit 2
KW-MBLU Mobile Network Back Link Unit 2
KW-MFLU Mobile Network Front Link Unit 2
KW-MTNU Mobile network TDM central switching Net Unit 2
KW-TCLU TDM Convergence and Link Unit 2
KW-MCLK Mobile Network Clock Unit 2
KW-MPPB Mobile Network Back Protocol Processing Unit 2
KW-ME32 Mobile Network 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board 5
KW-MCMF Mobile Network Front Connection Maintenance Unit 2
KW-MSPF Mobile Network Front Signalling Processing Unit 5
KW-MTCB1 Mobile Network TransCode Unit B1(1536 CH TC) 1
KW-MTCB2 Mobile Network TransCode Unit B2(1024 CH TC with EC) 2
KW-MTCB5 Mobile Network TransCode Unit B5(2048 CH MPTY) 2
KW-MRPU Mobile Network RTP Processing Unit 2
KW-ME8T Mobile Network 8-port 10/100M Ethernet Interface Board 2
Pinch Board
Huawei Core Network for sale
KW-SHPU Signaling High level link Processing Unit 5
Item Description Quantity
Spare Parts For MGW R5 R6
Media Module
KW-MSPF Media Gateway Front Signalling Processing Unit(b) 2
UG-MHRU Media Gateway High-speed Routing Unit(b) 2
UG-MVPD2 Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D(1K TC,64ms EC) 2
KW-VPD5 Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D(MPTY) 2
KW-MCMF Media Gateway Front Connection Maintenance Unit 1
KW-MCMB Media Gateway Back Connection Maintenance Unit 2
KW-ME8T Media Gateway 8-port 10/100M Ethernet Interface Board 2
KW-ME32 Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board(b) 2
KW-MOMB Media Gateway Operation & Maintenance Unit B 2
KW-MMPB Media Gateway Main Processing Unit B 1
KW-MNLU Media Gateway Link Unit 1
KW-MTNC2 Media Gateway TDM switchinig Net Unit C2(With 1 TDM Cascade Port) 1
KW-MTNC5 Media Gateway TDM switching Net Unit C5(With 2 TDM Cascade Ports) 2
Huawei Core Network for sale
KW-SHPU Signaling High level link Processing Unit 2
H5-CKMB SDH & TDM Clock Pinch Board 2
Huawei Core Network for sale
Item Description Quantity
Spare Parts for CBSC
QC-CMPU Main Process Unit 2
QC-CNET Network Transfer and Switch 2
QC-CLPC Circuit Processing Board (2*622M) 2
QC-C4AM 4-Port 155M ATM Multi Mode Optical Subboard 3
QC-CMUX Multiplex Board 2
QC-C1AM 155M ATM Multimode Optical Interface Board – Single line 2
QC-CRMU Resource Management Board 1
QC-CRMUb Resource Management Board 2
QC-CFMR Radio Frame Processing Board 3
QC-CFMRb CDMA2000 Radio Frame Processing Board 6
QC-CSPU Service Processing Board 5
QC-CEVC Voice Processing Board (With Echo Canceller) With DTMF+FSK 2
QC-CEVD Voice Processing Board (Without Echo Canceller) 7
QC-CEVDb Voice Processing Board (Without Echo Canceller) 8
QC-CLAP Signaling Processing Board (Narrowband) 6
QC-CAIE0 A-Interface Equipment Board 6
QC-CBIE0 Base Station Interface board 2
QC-CBPE Abis Interface Packet Equipment over E1/T1 7
QC-CPPU Packet Processing Board 3
QC-CHAC Highspeed Access Board 3
QC-CBPU Buffer Board 2
QC-CPCU PCF Control Board 1
QC-CPCUb PCF Control Board 2
QC-GCKM cBSC GPS/GLONASS&ClocK Processing board Set/With M12+ Card 2
Huawei Core Network for sale
Item Description Quantity
Spare Parts for PDSN
KW-SPUB Service Process Unit 1
KW-CSPC Compression Service Processing Card 1
UR-SRUB-64G Switch Router Unit 1
CR-EGFE 16-Port Fast Ethernet Electrical Interface Line Process Card(RJ45)_WAN 1
Huawei Core Network for sale