WTB: Complete Huawei Core Network. UMG8900 & MSOFTX
Qty 5 Huawei BTS3900E
Qty 15 Huawei WBBP, WBBPb, or WBBPd card for Huawei BBU3900
Qty 20+ BTS3606E
Qty 20+ Huawei BTS3012A
Qty 20+ Huawei BTS3012AE
Huawei BBU 3806 Huawei – Base Band Unit PN QWFM01BBUG02
QWMDWBBPD200 – Baseband Processing Unit (6Cell,CE:UL384/DL384)
EBBC Enhanced Base Band Card UL 192CE/ DL 256CE.
RUS11 or
RUW11 2 pipe RadioModule
RRUS11 or
RRUW11 2 pipe Radio Head
RUS12 or
RUW12 new 2 pipe Radio Module (2. platform)
RRUS12 or
RRUW12 new 2 pipe Radio Module (2. platform)
AIR11 Active Antenna
AIR12 Active Antenna (2. platform)
RBS6302 Baseband “Carry to site”
SRRU 1 x 5W small cell RRU
RUS02 or
RUW02 high power Radio (100W)
DUS Baseband Multiradio
Huawei BTS3900
Huawei BTS312/3012 TRX 1800MHz, DTRU 1800MHz and DDPU 1800MHZ and CDU 3.0 1800MHz for stock