1COM Warranty

Sealed NEW-IN-BOX “NIB” hardware includes a 1 to 3-YEAR replacement warranty. NEW-OPEN-BOX “NOB” hardware comes with a 1-YEAR replacement warranty. When a final discounts is approved on NEW-IN-BOX “NIB” hardware, the discount may reflect the warranty period with a shorter warranty period of 1-YEAR.

USED, refurbished or unused-pulled hardware purchased from 1COM includes a 180-DAY to 1-YEAR warranty unless otherwise stated, this includes a replacement when parts are available, if repair or replacement part is not available a refund is issued.

1COM warrants that it’s products will be free from defects under normal usage. Warranty is not transferable. The warranty period for 1COM parts begins the day the hardware is received by the customer. Warranty does not cover software issues.

If a part is defective/DOA, 1COM will pick up all shipping cost, cost of client sending to repair facility, or returning defective part, and the cost of returning the repaired or replacement part.