Amphenol MDCU-G0000 for sale

Amphenol-JAYBEAM Wireless MDCU-G0000
Qty 1,000+
MDCU Module RET Actuator. Multi-Device Control Unit for Single Band or Multi-Band Antennas
New version (hardware V4), replacement for MDCU-x0001, MDCU-x0002 and MDCU-x0003 (x = A or G)
Able to be set to different protocols: AISG 1.1 or 3GPP/AISG 2.0 or Ericsson proprietary protocol.
Does not protrude from the bottom of the antenna. Easy to install thanks to the captive screws
Allocated MDCU part numbers:
MDCU-G0000 MDCU-A0000
MDCU-G0101 MDCU-E0101
MDCU-G0102 MDCU-E0102
MDCU-G0103 MDCU-E0103
DATASHEET Amphenol-JAYBEAM-Wireless-MDCU-G0000-module