Cisco UBR-MC28U, UBR-MC28X, UBR-E-28U

Cisco UBR-MC28U
We are in need to purchase large QTYs of Cisco UBR-MC28U, UBR-MC28U is a cable I/F line card that helps RF performance, supports spectrum mngmt, the Cisco UBR-MC28U also increases system performance and the Cisco UBR-MC28U supports OIR.
UBR-MC28U is available in 3 configurations
UBR-MC28U—with an on-board up-converter with green tabs
UBR-MC28X—without an on-board up-converter with yellow tabs
UBR-E-28U—with an on-board up-converter with slate blue tabs
1com Buys and Sells Cisco UBR-MC28U