Nokia for sale

Nokia for sale
C109093 CCP18-A CCP18-A Control Computer with Pentium M
C105546 CDSP-C CDSP-C Configurable Dynamic SP Platform
C08839 CLAB-S CLAB-S Clock and Alarm Buffer
C104250 CLAC-B CLAC-B Clock and Alarm Cartridge
C108488 CP816-A CP816-A Pentium M Central Processing
C100740 CPLAN-A CPLAN-A Connector Panel for Ethernet I/F
C100880 EHAT EHAT External Hardware Alarm Terminal
C108000 ESB14-A ESB14-A Ethernet Switch for B-series
C108885 ESB26 ESB26 Ethernet Switch for B-series 26
C108784 ET4E ET4E E1 Exchange Terminal 4 RJ45 I/F
C109747 EXAU-A EXAU-A External Alarm Unit
C109730 FTRA-B FTRA-B Fan Tray
C109580 FTRB-A FTRB-A Fan Tray
C100720 HDPU-A HDPU-A Hard Disk Plug-in Unit
C104462 HDS-A HDS-A Hard Disk SCSI variant A
C72370 IW16P1 IW16P1 Interworking Unit 16xE1/T1/JT1
C103491 IW1S1 IW1S1 Interworking Unit 1 x STM-1/STS-3
C109702 IW1S1A IW1S1A Interworking unit 1xSTM1-1/STS-3
C74990 MBIF-C MBIF-C Message Bus Interface
C110547 MCP18-B MCP18-B Management Comp with PM 1.8GHz
C110911 MX1G6-A MX1G6-A 1.6 Gbit/s ATM Multiplexer
C109700 MX622-D MX622-D ATM Multiplexer 622 Mbit/s
C110926 NP2GE-A NP2GE-A interface PIU 2x1000Base-TX or LX
C110879 NP8S1-A NP8S1-A Line-interface plug-in unit
C109482 ODPU-B ODPU-B Optical Drive Plug-in-Unit
C109472 PD30 PD30 Power Distribution Unit 30A
PSC6-B PSC6-B Power Supply for CPU and Adapter
C109453 SERO-B SERO-B Serial Output Buffered Interface
C110468 SF20H SF20H 20 Gbit s Switching Fabric
C71700 TBUF TBUF Timing Buffer
C08986 TSS3 TSS3 Timing/Synchronization SDH Stratum 3
Nokia for sale