1COM Site Planning, Design, SAR, TSSR, CW, TI and FLM

1COM Site Planning, Design, SAR, TSSR, CW, TI and FLM

Increase the carrying capacity of BTS & MW antenna towers with onsite support to prevent downtime connectivity issues, with worldwide support.

1. Increasing the capacity of BTS towers without disassembly is a much quicker solution than tower replacement. No need for disconnection for long periods. Disconnection losses; Tower Traffic hour calculation (erlang unit), easily covers a million TL per month.

2. With on-site support capacity increases. New and leased capacities can be added to the BTS towers

3. When other BTS are cascaded in BTS towers, continuous reinforcement is improved.

1COM turnkey package solution:
– Superstructure analysis
– Infrastructure analysis
– Reinforcement project with analyses
– Reinforcement production
– Site implementation
– Guarantee commitment

Fatigue Analysis:
– Fatigue under repeated loads
– Vibration fatigue
– Welded fatigue
– Multi-axis loading fatigue

Earthquake/Dynamic Shock Resistance Analysis
1COM examines, analyses the behaviors of construction with time-bound boundary conditions or loads. As a result of analysis, time-bound displacement and stress values ​​can be obtained at each point of construction. Reducing the shock accelerations on the construction, the specified shock loading is applied to the construction. For example, with selected shock-absorbing wedges and accelerations on the construction, thrust reaction forces and stresses can be reduced.

Fatigue/Sprain Analysis
A linear analysis method for the determination of the lifetime of construction exposed to periodic loads.
– Fatigue analysis of the entire construction or staff
– The critical sprain
– Forces can be calculated and compared with the given loading condition


1COM Site Planning – Design, SAR, TSSR, CW, TI and FLM


03644010610,SSNIEXSC, 03688410610,SSN2EFSO, 03688410610,SSN2EFSO03706410610,SSNIGSCC, 03709810610, SSNIAUS0, 03709810610, SSNIAUS003731610610, HUAWEI SNIPQ1A0, 037374106100506,SSNI, 037374106100506, SSNI037375105C000179,SSN, 037463, DEMU0374631, DEMU03834110, 038341100388951069000024, 038895106900002403908410, 1X10G BASE WAN-LC03945107,MA5600 ADSL2+ OVER POTS SERVICE BOARD,H563ADEF1, 04011292,INTERNAL CABLE SET, BTS 31204011565,INTERNAL CABLE SET, BTS3012, 04012372,INTERNAL CABLE SET, BTS 301204020728,AC POWER CABLE, HUAWEI 125V10A 3M PB STRAIGHT-MALE CONNECT,04020728,004, 04020728-004, 04021299, 04025113,SINGLE CABLE, HUAWEI LOADING CABLE,04026088,CABLE,04026088-V2,CABLE R CONNECTOR TYPE SMA MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 650 MM04026089, CABLE04026089-V2, CABLE R CONNECTOR TYPE SMA MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 650 MM04026089-VB,CABLE R CONNECTOR TYPE SMA MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 600 MM04026090, CABLE, 04026090-V2, HUAWEI CABLE R CONNECTOR TYPE SMA MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 450 MM04026091,CABLE04026091-V2,CABLE R CONNECTOR TYPE SMA MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 350 MM04026092,CABLE,04026159,SINGLE CABLE, RF CABLE 2,504026160,SINGLE CABLE, RF CABLE 1,504026813, SHORT, PRI,04040021,SINGLE CABLE, RF CABLE 3, 504040071, CABLE04040071-V1, CABLE T CONNECTOR TYPE N MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 500 MM04040072,CABLE T CONNECTOR 700 MM04040072-V1,CABLE, MM04040073, CABLE,04040074,CABLE,04040075,CABLE,04040076, CABLE R04040076-V1,CABLE R CONNECTOR TYPE SMA MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 720 MM04040077,CABLE04040117, SHORT, PRI,04040149, SHORT, PRI,04041054, SHORT, PRI,04041238-VO,CABLE T CONNECTOR TYPE N MALE IN THE TWO ENDINGS 820 MM04041238VO, HUAWEI CABLE T CONNECTOR TYPE N MALE IN THE TWO ENDI,04041240,TX CABLE,04041247, CABLE,04041514,TRUNK CABLE,04042597, CABLE,04042619,CABLE,04042622, CABLE,04042624,TRUNK CABLE,04042729, CABLE,04042744, CABLE,04042838, 0404283804042930, SINGLE CABLE, ANTENNA, JUMPER, 1,4M04042931,SINGLE CABLE, ANTENNA JUMPER, 1,7M, N50SF-IV,RG214,U,N50AM-IV, B04042932,SINGLE CABLE, ANTENNA JUMPER, 2M, N50SF-IV,RG214,U,N50AM-IV, BTS04042937, CABLE04043589, SHORT, PRI,04043590,04043591,04043592, 04043593,04043594,04043595 ,04043596, 04043597,04044575,EARTHING CABLES04046246, DTRU,04047193, SINGLE CABLE DAFU POWER C04047244,CORE ASSEMBLY LENGTE 10MTR 12 PIECES IN ONE BOX04047251-VA, 04047251-VA04047630,TRUNK CABLE,0404932,CABLE,0404A042, 0404A048,04050097, HUAWEI BTS3900A SFP,CABLE 1,5M 102004050097, SFPCABLE 1,5M 102004050098,SFP PASSIVE CABLE 2M04050239, CABLE,04050241,SFP CABLE 4M04060353, SHORT, PRI,04060414, SHORT,PRI, 0411557,CABLE,0450098,BTS 3900A SFPCABLE 2M 10340450098,SFPCABLE 2M 10340601A003, SHORT, PRI,070046333,T120R, 382,7,5MM STRENGTH 50 PCS07S0154BNS,ODU OPTIX RTN 600 7GHZ TX LOW,07S0154, BPS,ODU OPTIX RTN 600 7GHZ TX LOW07S0154CPS,ODU,7GHZ TR154, HI C TRX FREQ,  7666-7722,  MHZ, 083299A,108,FEPD,POWER SUPPLY,083299A,109,FEPD,POWER SUPPLY,08S0119CPH, HUAWEI OPTIX RTN 600 08G-HP08S0119ENS, ODU,8GHZ DEPICT8335-8363MHZ119MHZ, LO09050719,MTCB, UG01MTCB4,09050719, UG01MTCB4,UMG8900 MTCB0A11UR,ODU ADAPTER 10700-11700MHZ,UBR1000C06-00170AS,0C06-00170AS, EEEPC 1005HAG WIFI10013363,RF CABLE SET10051795-1,SMARTX MT900 VDSL CPE1010006826, LWX1070607, MODEM107328,LBB,AM10GBASE-LR-XENPAK-OE,ETA 7-10D,10GBASE-LR-XENPAK, 10GBASE-LR, 1310NM, SMF, 10KM10GBASE-SR-XENPAK-OE,ETA 7-10D,10GBASE-SR-XENPAK, 10GBASE-SR, 850NM, MMF, 300M10GBASE-ZR-XENPAK-OE,ETA 7-10D,10GBASE-ZR-XENPAK, 10GBASE-ER, 1550NM, SMF, 40KM110789,LBB,RAID111111,17,8CM,7 TFT, 1280 X 800,2,1, WI-FI, 3G, HUAWEI OPTIX RTN 600 11G-HP ODU11SO530DNH, OPTIX RTN 600 11G-HP ODU120100000022H ,COAXIAL CONNECTOR 7-16 DI14040201,COAXIAL CONNECTOR14040327,RF COAXIAL CONNECTOR L9 75OHM STRAIGHT PLUS MALE14080082,NETWORK INTERFACE CONNECTOR, 8BIT, 8PIN, CRYSTAL14080099,14130134, PACH CORD CONNECTOR14130193,14130195, 14130199,14130274, PATCHCORD FC,PCLC,PC SM G,652D 2MM20M PVC YELLOW14130275,PATCHCORD FC,PCLC,PC SM G,652D 2MM20M PVC YELLOW14130276, 1413027614130278, LCPC-FCPC-S-2-30M FIBRE CABLE14130278, 14130278 LCPC-FCPC-S-2-30M FIBRE CABLE14130279, 14130280, SHORT, PRI,14130296, SHORT, PRI,14130311, SHORT, PRI,14130642,3ECA1024LULU020-02-F14170060,NAKED CRIMPING TERMINAL14327, 1432715060196, 15060196151200000029H, 151200000029H15S0420DPS,15S0420AP,ODU,15 GHZ,RX FREQ, 15236,15348MHZ,420MHZ,HI,ODU-15GHZDEPI15SO420BPH,OPTIX RTN 600 15G-HP ODU17-1754-032261, 1749, 174917-5043-801521, 17-5043-801641, 17-5043-902749, 18S1560CNS, HUAWEI ODU