NOKIA Liquid Cooled AirScale Portfolio

The Nokia AirScale System Module is now available in innovative liquid cooled configurations. Liquids can transfer 4000 times more heat than air. Reduces cooling system energy consumption by up to 90% and it helps increase equipment installation density by over 100%.
Ultra-performance with exponential scalability and extreme energy efficiency
AirScale System Module

Nokia’s new ultra-performance capacity card Levante delivers twice the performance with just half the energy consumption. The high-performance Lodos, which brings high capacity and consumes 30 percent less energy. The new ultra-performance control card, Ponente, provides up to 100 percent higher throughput capacity with 80 percent less energy.
This baseband is inherently flexible and enables straightforward network evolution and investment protection. The in-node modularity of the AirScale System Module is key to lean entry and decouples scalability of the compute power for radio access network layers 1, 2, and 3 and integrated transport functionality – essential for the rapidly changing traffic requirements of new use cases and deployment scenarios of the 5G era.
The AirScale System Module simplifies 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G deployments, streamlines multi-band sites and powers multi-site baseband hotels.
In addition to maximizing the benefits of the latest plug-in cards, the AirScale System Module also boasts low acoustic noise, enhanced serviceability and innovative cooling.
Serve immersive user experiences and advanced enterprise use cases demanding extremely high capacity always with the latest high-performance, energy efficient technology. AirScale baseband provides investment protection combining existing deployed and new cards to seamlessly work together.
The latest AirScale baseband capacity plug-in cards, for high-performance and ultra-performance offer industry leading capabilities. The ultra-performance card doubles the number of supported cells and yet reduces energy consumption by half, offering exponential scalability and enabling larger site configurations.
The latest control card, which supports baseband control-plane functions and high-speed transport connectivity targets 5G evolution, doubling throughput capacity, offering high-speed site connectivity and reducing energy consumption by up to 80%
Nokia AirScale AMIA 473098A

1COM Network Solutions Offering

1COM Network Solutions Offering
-End-to-end support for planning, deployment and operations of 3GPP Networks
-Core Mobile Network design and implementation (Mobile and Fixed Wireless)
-GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G) and NR (5G) solutions
-VoLTE / IMS Core (Voice calls, SMS)
-Charging Integration (Integration with Customer Billing System)
-Provisioning Integration (Integration with customer BSS/OSS)
-SIM Card profile development and product integration
-Fixed line, VoIP, TDM, SIP Solutions for Carriers
-Roaming negotiation and implementation
1COM Network Solutions Offering