NOKIA Alcatel-Lucent Optical-Transmission, Core-Network, Wireless Mobile Networks Telecom Equipment Reseller

1COM is your ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent Core Network, Optical Transmission and Wireless Telecom Equipment; 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G.

An industry leader for 29 years, 1COM is known for impeccable service, short lead times and competitive prices. 1COM purchases NEW surplus Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent telecom equipment and USED telecom equipment scheduled for de-installation and replacement. 1COM’s used-refurbished telecom equipment offers companies considerable savings over buying new.

Over 23,900 parts in STOCK with LEAD TIMES of 1 to 5 days

1COM supplies clients in over 30 countries with quality new-overstock-surplus and used-refurbished Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent spare parts. Prompt delivery to any place in the world. If you need a part that’s not in our stock, we’ll find it. 1COM’s worldwide network of vendors, including end-users, telecom equipment brokers, dealers and resellers can fill any order.

29 years Secondary-market telecom equipment reseller Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei and more
20 years Sourcing in Asia Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia
17 years Alcatel-Lucent/NSN/Nokia telecom equipment reseller Core Network, Transmission, Wireless, Single RAN, ATCA, BSC/RNC, GGSN, IMS, MGW, MSC, MSS, SGSN
17 years Ericsson telecom equipment reseller Core Network, Transmission, Wireless, Evo RAN, ATCA, BSC/RNC, GGSN, IMS, MGW, MSC, MSS, SGSN
14 years Huawei Access, Core-Network, Transmission, Wireless 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G reseller
14 years Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller
2 years Huawei Channel Partner 2012 to 2014

1COM LTE Plug-in-Play 3GPP 4G wireless solutions with Drop-N-Go Deployment as simple as WiFi with LTE security. LTE Plug-in-Play Deployment includes integrated EPC and IMS On-Site-Core-Controller-Server within each eNodeB providing Coreless LTE.

1COM LTE Macro-Rapid Connect + Cellular-On-Wheels “COW’ is a mobile LTE moving site solution for vehicles at speeds up to 120 KM/Hour

1COM Rural Point-to-Multipoint ‘P2M’ Wireless Rural Wireless Broadband Access Solution

1COM offers Core Network design, wireless services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP, distributed MSC, SGSN, HLR/CDR, GGSN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, SIP, BSC/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and LTE Plug-in-Play install, Site controllers, 1COM offers 4G perpetual software site license, optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed, Microwave link IDU/ODU deployment. 1COM designs mobile wireless networks, installs mobile wireless networks with ‘Plug-in-Play-Drop-n-Go deployment 3G, LTE and 5G. 1COM also offers data only LTE solutions. 1COM offers support, training and maintenance contracts.

Alcatel-Lucent-Nokia Optical-Transmission, Core-Network, Single RAN Wireless Mobile Networks Telecom equipment reseller at 50% to 95% off list price. We buy and sell used telecom equipment. We buy and sell Used Ericsson, Huawei and NOKIA 3G, 4G/LTE, BTS, Radios/RRH/RRU, Antennas, Switches, surplus spare parts inventory. Alcatel-Lucent 9926 V2 BBU LTE

Nokia-Alcatel-Lucent re-use offerings: Nokia AirScale, Alcatel 1600, 1620 LM, 1620 SLTE, 1650SM, 1680, 1696, 7670, 1626LM, 1626 LM, 1670 SM, 7450, 9600LSY, 9600 LSY, Alcatel-Lucent 9926 V2 BBU-Baseband, 4G-LTE RRU Radio reseller, Single RAN, SingleRAN, E-UTRAN, eNodeB, Node B, 130SCUPC, 1830PSS, 1830 PSS, 1692 OPS, EON 1694, 1620LM SLTE, Transponders, 1696 MS, 1640 WM, 1686 WM, 1665 DMX, 1646SM, 1660SM, 1830 PSS-32, 1696MS, 1640WM, 1686WM, 1850 PTN, 7210 SAS, 7450, 7705 SAR, 7750 SR, 9500 MPR, 7360 ISAM FX-4, FX-8, FX-16, 1620LM, 1626LM, MDA 7450, 7250 SAS, 7450 ESS, 7705 SAR, 7710, 7750 SAR, 7950 XRS, 8DG17121AA, 8DG62039AC

Ericsson offerings: Baseband 5212, 5216, T605, R503, Baseband 6630, All Ericsson Radios Ericsson Radio 2217 B1 KRC161490/1, Radio 2219, Radio 4415, Radio 4443 4G/LTE, 5G AIR Antenna Integrated Radio, AAS Active Antenna Systems, Ericsson RBS 6000 series reseller 3G and 4G/LTE

Ericsson Baseband 5216 and Ericsson Radio 2203 2212 2217 Radio 2219 4407 4425 Datasheet-User-Manual

Ericsson Baseband 5216 and Radio 2203 2212 2217 Radio 2219 4407 4425
Datasheet/User Manual: Ericsson Baseband 5216 and Radio 2203 2212 2217 2219 4407 4425

ALCATEL-LUCENT 9926 BBU V2 3JR37526AA bCAM2 3JR50501AF bCEM2 3JR50506AF eCCM-2 3JR40703AB bCEM-U 3BK28961CA

ALCATEL-LUCENT NOKIA 9926 V2 LTE 3JR37526AA bCAM2 3JR50501AF bCEM2 3JR50506AF 9926 BBU V2 3JR37526AA eCCM-2 3JR40703AB bCEM-U 3BK28961CA 3BK28961BA
Qty 100+ each in stock
Lead time 2 to 5 days

Alcatel Lucent wireless 3G 4G/LTE for sale

Alcatel Lucent wireless 3G, 4G/LTE for sale
OEM Part number Description
lcatel Lucent 3JR52720AA RRH 2×40-A B20 (800MHz) Module 37 UNITS IN STOCK
Alcatel Lucent 3JR08093AA 9326 digital 2U V2 Node B
Alcatel Lucent 3JR20073BD01 3JR20073BD eCCM-U
Alcatel Lucent 3JR20059DAAC01 3JR20059DAA eCEM-U
Alcatel Lucent 3JR10104AA RRH 2×60-A 2100 MHz Module
Alcatel Lucent 3JR37867AF RRH 2×40 B7 2600MHz 2Rx Module
Alcatel Lucent 3JR37526AA LTE D2U Module
Alcatel Lucent 3JR08021ACAA01 3JR08021AC Fan
Alcatel Lucent 3JR08067AB 3G D2U Module
Alcatel Lucent 3JR5270AA RRH 2×40-A B20 800MHz Module
Alcatel Lucent 109777276 RRH 2×40 B20 (800 MHz)
Alcatel Lucent 3JR5271AA RRH 2×40 B7 (2600 MHz) 4Rx Module
Alcatel Lucent 3JR52721AA RRH 2X40 B7 (2600 MHz) Module
Alcatel Lucent 3JR10050AA RRH 2X60 Module
Alcatel Lucent wireless 3G and 4G/LTE for sale

Ericsson’s Wireless 2015 2016 Ericsson Baseband 5216

Ericsson’s Wireless 2015 2016 Ericsson Baseband 5216
Ericsson Baseband 5216
Ericsson Baseband 5216

Ericsson's latest wireless baseband 5216 & radio 2217
Ericsson’s latest wireless baseband 5216 & radio 2217
Ericsson latest Wireless 2015-2016
Ericsson Baseband 5216
Baseband T605
Baseband 5216
Baseband 5212
Baseband R503
Baseband T503
Baseband T605
Baseband R605
Ericsson Mini-link
Mini-link 6692
Mini-link 6691
Mini-link 6352
Mini-link 6392
Mini-link 6363
Mini-link 6351
Ericsson Radios
Radio 2217 B1
Radio 2203
Radio 2217
Radio 2218
Radio 0208
Power 6302
Power 6306
Power 6610
Radio 4412 B40 KRC161661/1
Radio 4415 B1 KRC161635/1
Radio 2218 B42 KRC161657/1
Radio 2218 KRC161647/1
Radio 4428 B1 KRC161735/1
Radio 4418 B40T KRC161706/1
Radio 4412 B41 KRC161697/1
Radio 4415 B3B KRC161771/2
Radio 4418 B38A KRC161705/1
Radio 2488 B1 KRC161672/1
Radio TDM 1001 BFO101119/1
Radio 4412 B40 KRC 161 661/1
Radio 4415 B1 KRC 161 635/1
Radio 2218 B42B KRC 161 657/1
Radio 2218 KRC 161 647/1
Radio 4428 B1 KRC 161 735/1
Radio 4418 B40T KRC 161 706/1
Radio 4412 B41 KRC 161 697/1
Radio 4415 B3B KRC 161 771/2
Radio 4418 B38A KRC 161 705/1
Radio 2488 B1 KRC 161 672/1
Radio TDM 1001 BFO 101 119/1
Radio 2217 B1 KRC161490/1
Ericsson Baseband 5216
Ericsson’s latest Wireless 2015 2016