NOKIA Alcatel-Lucent Ericsson Hardware Reseller Optical-Transmission, Core-Network, Wireless Mobile Networks 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Telecom Equipment Spare Parts Reseller

1COM is your ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for Ericsson and Nokia Telecom Hardware; Core Network, Optical Transmission, Wireless 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, Baseband, Radios and Antennas.

An industry leader for 33 years, 1COM is known for impeccable service, short lead times and competitive prices. 1COM purchases NEW surplus Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and Nokia telecom spare parts and used/second-hand telecom equipment scheduled for de-installation and replacement. 1COM’s used-refurbished telecom equipment offers companies considerable savings over buying new.

Over 22,000 parts in STOCK with LEAD TIMES of 1 to 3 days

1COM supplies clients in over 50 countries with quality new-overstock-surplus spare parts and used-refurbished Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and Nokia spare parts. Prompt delivery to any place in the world. If you need a part not in our stock, we’ll find it. 1COM’s worldwide network of vendors, including end-users, telecom equipment brokers and resellers can fill any order.

33 years Secondary-market telecom equipment reseller Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN and more
23 years sourcing in Asia
26 years Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia/NSN, Ericsson telecom equipment reseller Core Network, Transmission, Wireless, Single RAN, ATCA, BSC/RNC, GGSN, IMS, MGW, MSC, MSS, SGSN
26 years Ericsson telecom equipment reseller Core Network, Transmission, Wireless, EVO RAN, ATCA, BSC/RNC, GGSN, IMS, MGW, MSC, MSS, SGSN
24 years Core-Network, Transmission, Wireless 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G reseller
19 years Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Ericsson Fiber Optic Transceivers SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28 reseller

1COM LTE Plug-in-Play 3GPP 4G wireless solutions with Drop-N-Go Deployment as simple as WiFi with LTE security. LTE Plug-in-Play Deployment includes integrated EPC and IMS On-Site-Core-Controller-Server within each eNodeB providing Coreless LTE.

1COM LTE Macro-Rapid Connect + Cellular-On-Wheels is a mobile LTE moving site solution for vehicles at speeds up to 120 KM/Hour

1COM Rural Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Rural Wireless Broadband Access Solution

1COM offers Core Network design, wireless services for Machine-to-Machine M2M, Open-Source VOIP, distributed MSC, SGSN, HLR/CDR, GGSN, PDSN, HSS, MSS, USN, UGW, SIP, BSC/BTS/DBS, SingleRAN wireless design and LTE Plug-in-Play install, Site controllers, 1COM offers 4G perpetual software site license, optical transmission and add-on services for CoreNet listed, Microwave link IDU/ODU deployment. 1COM designs mobile wireless networks, installs mobile wireless networks with ‘Plug-in-Play-Drop-n-Go deployment 3G, LTE and 5G. 1COM also offers data-only LTE solutions. 1COM offers support, training and maintenance contracts.

Alcatel-Lucent-Nokia Optical-Transmission, Core-Network, Single RAN Wireless Mobile Networks Telecom equipment reseller at 50% to 95% off list price. We buy and sell used telecom equipment. We buy and sell Used Ericsson, Huawei and NOKIA 3G, 4G/LTE, BTS, Radios/RRH/RRU, Antennas, Switches, and surplus spare parts inventory. Alcatel-Lucent 9926 V2 BBU LTE

Nokia-Alcatel-Lucent re-use offerings: Nokia AirScale AMIA 473098A, ABIA 473096A, ASIA 473095A, ABIL 474020A, 474020B, 474020A, ASIK 474021A, ABIO AirScale 475266A, Alcatel 1600, 1620 LM, 1620 SLTE, 1650SM, 1680, 1696, 7670, 1626LM, 1626 LM, 1670 SM, 7450, 9600LSY, 9600 LSY, Alcatel-Lucent 9926 V2 BBU-Baseband, 4G-LTE RRU Radio Head reseller, Single RAN, SingleRAN, E-UTRAN, eNodeB, Node B, 130SCUPC, 1830PSS, 1830 PSS, 1692 OPS, EON 1694, 1620LM SLTE, Transponders, 1696 MS, 1640 WM, 1686 WM, 1665 DMX, 1646SM, 1660SM, 1830 PSS-32, 1696MS, 1640WM, 1686WM, 1850 PTN, 7210 SAS, 7450, 7705 SAR, 7750 SR, 9500 MPR, 7360 ISAM FX-4, FX-8, FX-16, 1620LM, 1626LM, MDA 7450, 7250 SAS, 7450 ESS, 7705 SAR, 7710, 7750 SAR, 7950 XRS, 8DG61204AA, 8DG17121AA, 8DG62039AC, 8DG59245AA, Nokia Lightspan SX-16F, NOKIA AMIA 473098A.203

Ericsson offerings: Ericsson RBS 6402, Baseband 5212, 5216, T605, R503, Baseband 6630, Baseband 6648, All Ericsson Radios Ericsson Radio 2217 B1 KRC161490/1, Radio 2219, Radio 4415, Radio 4418, Radio 4443 4G/LTE, 5G AIR Antenna Integrated Radio, AAS Active Antenna Systems, AIR6488 AIR 6488, AIR6449 AIR 6449 B43 5G Active antenna unit KRD901108/11 Ericsson RBS 6000 series reseller 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, Radio 4412 b41 Band 41, Band 43, b43

NOKIA Alcatel-Lucent Ericsson Reseller Optical-Transmission, Core-Network, Wireless Mobile Networks 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Telecom Equipment Spare Parts Reseller

Alcatel-Lucent for sale

Alcatel-Lucent for sale
3KC29070AA-AB P32E1T1
3KC29070AA-AB P32E1T1
3KC29220AA-AB P2T10GE
3KC29140AA-AA A16FE
3KC29210AA-AB P8GE8C
3KC29100AA-AA AF75
3AL97042AB-AB DC48B
3AL94639AE-AB ALCT1010
3AL94211AA-AB LOFA1110
3AL78864AA-AL P3E3T3
3AL78823AA-AG P4ES1N
3AL79092AA-AH P63E1
3AL98035AA-AF A63E1B
3AL98029AA-AD A63E1-4T
3AL98029AA-AD A63E1-4T
3DB24300FA-AD 6L128T
3DB24500NA-AC 11128T
3DB24300FA-AD 6L128T
902539-90 OMNISWITCH 6850-P24
3DB24500NA-AC 11128T
3AG33532AA-AA 10ET10G
3AG33532AA-AA 10ET10G
3AL78864AA-AH P3E3T3
3AL78823AA-AD P4ES1N
8DG15428AA-AA L-24.2E
3AL81879BA-AB ES4-8FEB
3AL81289AA-AB O-16ES
3AL79728AA-AD PR64
8DG59242AA-AA PFDC70
3AL36520BA-AC L-16.2JE-2
3AL36517BA-AC L-16.1
Alcatel-Lucent for sale

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch for sale NEW

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch for sale NEW
902252-90 OS9-IPS-600A
902270-90 OS9-IP-SHELF
902421-90 OS9800/OS9800E
902422-90 OS9700/OS9700E
902462-90 OS6850-48X
902466-90 XFP-10G-ER40
902507-90 OS9-GNI-C48T
902539-90 OS6850-P24
902540-90 OS6850-P24X
902542-90 OS6850-P48
902548-90 OS6850-48
902630-90 OS9-XNI-U6
NEW Alcatel for sale
902635-90 OS6855-24-FLTR
902683-90 OS9600/OS9700-CMM
902692-90 PS-75I42DC48-P
902693-90 OS6855-14
902712-90 OS10K-PS-24D
902751-90 OS6850-R23-MNT
902774-90 OS9-PS-0725D
902860-90 OS6855-U10
902906-90 OS6250-BP-P-FULL
902924-90 OS6250-REAR-MNT
902937-90 OS6850E-24X
902939-90 OS6850E-48X
NEW Alcatel for sale
902939-92 OS6850E-48X,PHICOMM
902970-90 OS6855-P14
903003-90 OS6900-FT-F
903074-90 OS10K-XNI-U16L
903095-90 OS6250-P24
903097-90 BOS6250-P48
903098-90 BOS6250-48
903099-90 OS6250-24
903100-90 DNV6250-P48
903104-90 OS6855-MNT
903111-90 OS6-XNI-U2
903125-90 OS6900-X40
NEW Alcatel for sale
903134-90 OS-BPS-P,1200W/2000W-POE
903137-90 OS10K-QNI-U4E
903139-90 OS10K-XNI-U16E
903183-90 OS9800E-CMM
903713-90 OS6860-24
903714-90 OS6860-P24
903840-90 OS6450-24XM
120336-30 OS6250-CBL-150
120337-30 OS6250M-CBL-150
Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch for sale NEW

We buy used Alcatel-Lucent equipment

We buy used Alcatel-Lucent equipment
Alcatel E10
Alcatel 1600
Alcatel 1620
Alcatel 1650SM
Alcatel 1680
Alcatel 1696
Alcatel 7670
Alcatel 1626LM
Alcatel 1626 LM
Alcatel 1670SM
Alcatel 1670 SM
Alcatel 7450
Alcatel 9600LSY
Alcatel TRBD1111
Alcatel 9600 LSY
Alcatel 9926 BBU
Alcatel OmniSwitch
Alcatel-Lucent BBU
Alcatel-Lucent RRH
Alcatel-Lucent 1692 OPS
Alcatel-Lucent CBX3500
Alcatel-Lucent EON 1694
Alcatel-Lucent 1620LM SLTE
Alcatel-Lucent 1646SM
Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM
Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS-32
Alcatel-Lucent 1850 PTN
Alcatel-Lucent 7210 SAS
Alcatel-Lucent 7450
Alcatel-Lucent 7705 SAR
Alcatel-Lucent 7750
Alcatel-Lucent 9500 MPR
Alcatel-Lucent ISAM
Alcatel-Lucent Baseband
Alcatel-Lucent MDA 7450
Alcatel-Lucent wireless
Alcatel-Lucent 7250 SAS
Alcatel-Lucent 7450 ESS
Alcatel-Lucent 7705 SAR
Alcatel-Lucent 7710 SAR
Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SAR
ALU 8DG62599AA 130SCUPC 1830PSS
E10, 1600, 1620, 1650SM, 1680, 1696, 7670, 1626LM, 1626 LM, 1670SM, 1670 SM, 7450, 9600LSY, TRBD1111, 9600 LSY, 9926 BBU , OmniSwitch, BBU, RRH, 1692 OPS, CBX3500, EON 1694, 1620LM SLTE, 1646SM, 1660SM, 1830 PSS-32, 1850 PTN, 7210 SAS, 7450, 7705 SAR, 7750, 9500 MPR, ISAM, Baseband, MDA 7450, wireless, 7250 SAS, 7450 ESS, 7705 SAR, 7710 SAR, 7750 SAR ALU 8DG62599AA 130SCUPC 1830PSS
We buy used Alcatel-Lucent equipment

Alcatel OmniSwitch OS6860-24 OS6860-SW-AR OS6860-BP OS6450-BP

Alcatel OmniSwitch OS6860-24 OS6860-SW-AR OS6860-BP OS6450-BP
Model Specification Qty Condition
Alcatel OS6860-24 OS6860-24 Gigabit Ethernet L3 1RU chassis. 24 RJ45 10/100/1000 BaseT ports, 4x10G SFP+ ports, 2 stacking ports. Includes AC power supply, country specific power cord, user manuals access card, micro-USB to USB console adapter.
Alcatel OS6860-SW-AR OS6860-SW-AR Advanced routing software license for AOS release 8.3.1.R02 or earlier. Includes support for VRF, IPv4 routing protocols BGP, OSPFv2, PIMSM/DM, DVMRP. Includes IPv6 Routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, as well as SPB-M.
Alcatel OS6860-BP OS6860-BP-US OS6860-BP modular 150W AC backup power supply. Provides backup power to one non-PoE OS6860 or OS6860E switch
Alcatel OS6450-BP OS6450-BP-US OS6450-BP- 90W power AC backup power supply. Provides backup power to one non-PoE switch. Inserts into the backup power supply bay at the rear of the chassis.
Alcatel OmniSwitch OS6860-24 OS6860-SW-AR OS6860-BP OS6450-BP