Rural P2M Wireless

1COM Rural Point-to-Multipoint ‘P2M’ Wireless Broadband Access System

1COM Rural P2M Wireless PDF datasheet: 1COM Rural Wireless Broadband Access System

• A Point-to-Multipoint network structure with a carrier-based terminal station with user-based CPE devices
• Using frequency reuse method to build contiguous cellular networks in wide rural areas
• Enhanced 6-cell base station achieving an effective cell tower’s range from 3Km/1.9 miles to 4Km/2.5 miles
• High gain 5.1 GHz to 6.0 GHz Broadband Directional Antennas
• Single antenna supporting efficient network access up to 120 users simultaneously
• Single base station supporting concurrent network access up to 300 high-bandwidth users simultaneously
• Single base station topping up to 900 Mbps of actual throughput when multiple users access the network, while each user accesses the network per account priority without distance impact
• User bandwidth variation is less than 10% and network access delay time is less than 10 ms in case of multi-users accessing the network

System Package
Base Station
Radio Modem CPE
• 6 element base station
• Central controller supports 3 units
• 5G, Double spatial stream
• 20MHz or 40MHz Channel
• Total system bandwidth: 600Mbps-900Mbps
• Total accessible broadband users: >300
• 5.8G integrated internal antenna
• MIMO2*2

Multiple sites in a large urban area can use cellular structure, reuse frequency to increase system capacity

1COM Base Station Installation Display

1COM Wireless Access 5800 CPE Installation

1COM Rural Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access System


Ericsson 5G Wireless Products 2019-2020

Ericsson 5G Wireless 2019-2020 for sale
Ericsson 5G Products
Ericsson 5G Wireless 2019 Datasheet PDF>>>Ericsson 5G Wireless 2019

Ericsson 5G Rooftop Street Macro layer:
1. AIR 4455 4T/4R antenna integrated radio AIR4455
2. AIR 1281 5G high-band Massive MIMO radio 128T/128R ports AIR1281
3. Streetmacro 6701 5G high-band antenna radio 128T/128R ports

Ericsson Massive MIMO 5G antennas for Macro layer:
1. AIR 3239 Massive MIMO TDD antenna integrated radio 32 ports AIR3239
2. AIR 3252 Dual-band Massive MIMO TDD antenna 32 ports AIR3252
3. AIR 5126 Massive MIMO TDD high-band integrated radio 512 ports AIR5126

Ericsson Massive MIMO Macro 5G layer antennas
1. AIR 6479 TDD AIR6479
2. AIR 8828 FDD AIR8828

Ericsson Massive MIMO 5G integrated passive antennas
1. Radio 4402 for FDD
2. Radio 4408 for TDD

Ericsson Multi-band 5G radios
1. Radio 8823 8T/8R radio 3.5GHz band.
2. AIR 4488 Triple-band antenna, 4T/4R, 3 bands, low-band and mid-band, 7 frequency bands AIR4488
3. Radio 2238 Triple-band radio 1GHz bands
4. Radio 8823 8T/8R radio 3.5GHz band.
5. AIR 4455

Ericsson Outdoor 5G High-capacity
1. Baseband 6318 For rail system
2. Fronthaul 6020 Fronthaul 6622 indoor and 6322 outdoor
3. Router 6675 BFD 101 118/2 BFD101118/2
4. Ericsson Baseband 6648 KDU 137 0015/11 KDU1370015/11

2019 Ericsson 5G wireless baseband radio antenna
2019 Ericsson 5G wireless baseband radio antenna

Ericsson 5G IRU Internal Radio Unit
IRU 8846 IRU8846 KRC 161 754/2 R1D KRC161754/2 R1D

Ericsson Baseband 6648
Ericsson DOT Radio 4479 B41K
Ericsson DOT Radio 4489 B41K
Ericsson RADIO 4449 B12/B71 BTS
Ericsson AIR 6454 B41 AIR6454
Ericsson Air 32
Ericsson AIR 1281
Ericsson AIR 1641
Ericsson AIR 3227
Ericsson AIR 3239
Ericsson AIR 3246
Ericsson AIR 3252
Ericsson AIR 4455
Ericsson AIR 5121
Ericsson AIR 5322
Ericsson AIR 5331
Ericsson AIR 6449 KRD 901 084/11
Ericsson AIR 6488
Air5G OpenRANGE06
Air5G OpenRANGE28
Air5G DU
AirDensity 5G
Air5G RDU 46 28GHz n257
AirHarmony 4000 1800MHz B3M
Ericsson 5G Wireless Products 2019 for sale